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Latin America Animation, VFX & Video Games Market: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities (2020-2025)




Dublin, Jan. 21, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Latin American Animation, VFX & Video Games: Strategies, Trends & Opportunities (2020-25)” report has been added to’s offering.

The Latin American Animation, VFX and Video Games industry has the potential to emerge as an engine of growth for the continent.

The industry is in a phase where we are seeing the emergence of several African animation companies and animators working on attractive stories and content leveraging the continent’s large potential for stories.

Several animation studios in Latin America release their content through online channels such as YouTube, which is attracting millions of subscribers both from the continent as well as worldwide. Studios are making new inroads by launching original locally produced content on Netflix. Several local content productions have been nominated for several global awards including the Oscars.

There are dozens of globally renowned animation studios as well as several hundreds of small and medium-sized studios producing content tailored to local tastes. Supply of animation talent, which has historically been limited, is emerging with support and intervention of several governments and industry initiatives to develop and support the animation through university courses and vocational training courses which provide theoretical and practical hands-on learning on Animation, VFX and Video Games.

Several countries in Latin America have initiated policies to support closer participation between government, industry, and academia to catalyse the industry growth. However several countries in the region need support in the form of training, funding, tax incentives, market reach, access to hardware and software, legal support to protect the content IP. access to global distribution and collaboration networks etc.

Brazil has been a leader in the region and is the largest producer of animated works. This has been driven by the availability of state funding, the supply of quality local animation talent and the preference of local audiences for Brazilian animated content.

Countries such as Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, and Peru are emerging as the leaders through content productions as well as collaborations. This includes content for movies, television, games, augmented reality, virtual reality, advertising, web designs and industrial applications such as architecture, engineering, industrial design, healthcare, education, medicine, and the motor industry.

The demand for animation, VFX and video gaming has expanded with the increase in targeted broadcasting hours by cable and satellite TV, availability of low-cost internet access, penetration of mobile devices along with the growing popularity of streaming video. In addition, the demand for Animation and VFX content to power immersive experiences such as Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality is growing exponentially.

The rapid advancement of technology has made animation, VFX & games available to the masses, and this industry has become one of the fastest-growing segments in the global media and entertainment market. We are increasingly seeing more of animation, VFX and games production taking place in a globally distributed mode. Production work is becoming global with countries as well as regions offering tax incentives, subsidies, financial support, regional low labor costs etc. and companies are cutting costs by setting up facilities in such regions.

Cloud computing is playing a key role in character rendering and modeling processes as cloud-based rendering of animation films is more effective and efficient as it reduces the time and cost compared to traditional rendering.

Emerging Trends in the Animation, VFX & Video Games Industry:

  • The combination of live-action and animation will alter the form, as well as the content, of film animation.
  • Animation is no longer a profession limited to animators with increasing participation from computer professionals, programmers, technicians etc.
  • The evolution of visual effects (VFX), augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies is dramatically changing both the creation and consumption of films, videos, games, and more.
  • Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality adoption will drive the demand for animation content.
  • Production work is moving around the world – tax incentives, regional low labor costs, and subsidies put pressure on existing companies to reduce costs and set up facilities in tax-advantaged or low-cost regions.
  • Media consumption habits are changing rapidly, windows for film releases are narrowing, and follow-on markets are shifting from television, cable, DVD, and rentals to streaming and digital downloads.
  • The international film market in several emerging markets is growing quickly and creating new opportunities. Regulations in several countries limit imported animation content without a certain amount of local participation and studios are collaborating with local partners to produce content.
  • Although 2D animation will survive, it will be largely in the form of hybrid 2D/3D animation. As well as reducing costs, using CGI for backgrounds allows for a more dynamic camera. The training offered to animators is biased in favor of CGI and so artists with traditional 2D skills are becoming harder to find.
  • The changing viewing habits favour short productions as a form of entertainment. The viewing habits generally favor short-form content that can be turned out quickly and cheaply.
  • Merchandise is already a major form of revenue generation for animated films and in the future it could form a much larger share of revenues.
  • Artificial Intelligence, machine learning & deep learning are being leveraged to drive hyperpersonalisation for video games.
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning based techniques are being used for in-game analytics, customer acquisition, retention, cross-sell, churn, classify player behavior etc.
  • Micro-segmentation of fans is emerging as eSports leagues and the tournament is consolidating various genres, platforms and viewing experiences by careful customer segmentation, targeting and positioning.
  • In video games, predictive analytics can be used to forecast when a player will stop playing, if a player will convert from a non-paying to a paying user, what types of items players will purchase, classify player behavior, etc.
  • Cloud Gaming services which are growing at an exponential pace would need the right pricing model to both drive adoption and generate sufficient returns for platforms and publishers.
  • The availability of low-cost micro-payment systems is allowing users to pay for access or download small quantities of digital content and is the key for the online games market to grow.

Key Topics Covered

Global Animation & VFX Industry

  • History and Evolution
  • Industry Differentiators
  • Industry Characteristics
  • Competitive Landscape Of Animation Studios
  • Global Animation & VFX Market Size & Opportunity
  • Market segmentation of Animation, VFX and Video Games
  • Global Animation Studios: Distribution and Capabilities

Animation & VFX Market Segments

  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Opportunity for Computer Generated Imagery (CGI)
  • Visual Effects (VFX)
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Motion Capture
  • 3D Animation Movies

Emerging Trends & Future of Animation & VFX

  • Key predictions for the future

Global & Latin American Television Animation Content Demand

  • Global Television Animation Content demand
  • Latin America Television Animation Content demand

Animation & VFX Content Creation

  • Content Creation Workflow in 2D Animation
  • Content Creation Lead Time Calculation in 2D Animation
  • Digital processing in 2D Animation
  • Content Creation Workflow in 3D Animation
  • Timeline of a 3D production workflow
  • Animation Production Management
  • Cloud Computing in Animation & VFX Workflow

Audience Dynamics

  • Marketing Strategies for Animation Studios
  • Strategies for Successful Animation Films

Economics of Animation & VFX

  • Revenue break-up across distribution channels
  • Marketing to Exhibition of Animation Content
  • Economics of Animation Copyrights

Guidelines for Setting up an Animation Studio

  • Investments Needed for Setting up an Animation Studio
  • Specialized Hardware and Software Investments
  • Leveraging Cloud Computing for Competitive Advantage

Managing an Animation & Video Games Studio

  • Key Issues of Concern
  • Formulating the long-term Strategy

Global Video Games Industry

  • Key Trends in the Global Video Games Industry
  • Key Opportunities & Strategies for Video Games Industry
  • Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning & Deep Learning driven HyperPersonalisation For Video Games
  • Video Games Market Segments
  • Global Video Games Market Size & Opportunity
  • Cloud Gaming Market & Opportunities

Latin America Animation, VFX & Video Games

  • Argentina Animation, VFX & Video Games
  • Brazil Animation, VFX & Video Games
  • Mexico Animation, VFX & Video Games
  • Colombia Animation, VFX & Video Games
  • Chile Animation, VFX & Video Games
  • Costa Rica Animation, VFX & Video Games

Companies Mentioned

  • 1 Simple Idea
  • 100 Stones Interactive
  • 2/4 Producciones
  • 20th Century Fox
  • 20th Century Fox Animation
  • 2dlab
  • 2dnutz
  • 2veinte
  • 3 La Vuelta Stop Motion
  • 37 Interactive
  • 3d Produes
  • 3d Studio Mexico
  • 3dados Media
  • 3dar
  • 3Dimension
  • 3dmx
  • 44 Toons
  • 44toons
  • 4JA Games
  • 4K Media
  • 4taken Entertainment
  • 5 Minutes
  • 6 Waves
  • 99Games
  • 9You
  • A3 Estudio
  • A365 Studios
  • Aardman Animation
  • Abrepalermo
  • Abstract Digital Works
  • Abstract Tinker
  • ACE Team
  • Acriar Pulo Do Gato Animao
  • Activision
  • Activision Blizzard
  • Activision Publishing, Inc.
  • Adamo 3D
  • Aeria
  • AFDA
  • After Sky Studios
  • Aiupa Brasil Produes
  • Alcance Digital Production and Training Center
  • Aldeia Produes
  • Aleph Media
  • Alfalfa Estudio
  • Alfiostudio
  • ALMMA Abogados
  • Alopra Estudio
  • Altair Films
  • Amazing Graphics
  • Amblin
  • Amnesia Games
  • Anaya Produes Culturais
  • Angel Azul
  • Anima Estudios
  • nima Estudios
  • Anima Films & Pyroect
  • Animac
  • Animacion 2D Studio
  • Animact!
  • Animaedro, Estudio De Animacin
  • Animagine Studio
  • Animaking
  • Animal Logic
  • Animalab
  • Animarte
  • Animassauro Creative Content
  • Animation Machine
  • Animatitlan
  • Animatropo
  • Animex 2D
  • AnimMate
  • Animuz
  • Anteros-Arte Digital
  • Antdoto
  • AOne Games
  • Apaya
  • Apes in Space
  • Apirio Estdio Criativo
  • Apple
  • Applifier
  • Arch Vision
  • Archeidos
  • Arcum
  • Arcus Animation Studios
  • Arkadium
  • Arkane
  • Art In Motion
  • Artan Animation
  • Artech
  • Artix
  • Aska Animation Studio
  • Astrolab Motion
  • Astrum
  • Atari
  • Atari, Inc.
  • Atiempo
  • Atlantis Creative Studios
  • Atlus
  • Atmosphera Design
  • Atomic Cartoons
  • Atomic Visual Effects
  • Atotonilco Estudio
  • Atum Studio
  • Audio Visual Sistems
  • Audiovisuales de Valdes
  • Aureo Studio
  • Autobtika
  • Autodesk
  • AVA Animation & Visual Arts
  • Avalanche
  • Ave Mercuri
  • Azul Estudios
  • Azur Interactive Games
  • Babel
  • Babil Games
  • Bcteria Filmes
  • Baklight Imaging
  • Balam Imagen
  • Bandai Namco
  • BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc.
  • Bandidoguapo
  • Banzai Films
  • Banzai Studio
  • Barraca Post
  • Barracudas Animacin
  • Barro Studio
  • Basa Estudio
  • Basilisco Produes
  • Basta Estudio
  • Battle Mango
  • BBC Worldwide
  • Beach Bum Ltd
  • Behaviour
  • Bekhoteam
  • Believe
  • Belli Studio Produes
  • Bellolandia
  • Bestiapeluda Visual Studio
  • Bethesda
  • Bethesda Softworks
  • Big Ant
  • Big Bear Animation
  • Big Fish
  • Big Fish Games
  • Big Huge Games
  • Big Idea Productions, Inc.
  • Big Jack Studios
  • BigWorld
  • Birdo
  • Bitr Studio
  • Bits Filmes
  • Bitt Animation & Visual Effects
  • Biwis eMotions
  • Bixel Studio
  • Blablabla Studios
  • Black Mambo
  • Blackginger
  • Bleed Vfx
  • Blirp Studio
  • Blitz
  • Blizzard
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Blue Sky Studios
  • Bluehole
  • BlueHouse
  • BlueSky Studios
  • Blurr Productions
  • Bombillo Amarillo
  • Bones
  • Bonfire
  • Bonker Head Studio
  • Boston Media House
  • Boulevard Filmes
  • Boutique Filmes
  • Boxel Animation Studio
  • BRB Internacional
  • Brinca Taller De Animacin
  • Bromelia Produoes
  • Bromlia Produoes
  • Buba Filmes
  • Buda
  • Bugbox
  • Bungie
  • Buriti Filmes
  • BV
  • Cabala
  • Cabong Studios
  • Cabraful Produes Cultural
  • Cafund Estdio Creativo
  • Cairo Cartoon
  • Cali Marta
  • Camel Games, Inc
  • Can Can Club
  • Caner Kara
  • Cangrejo Ideas
  • Canica Azul
  • Caolha Filmes
  • and over 1,000 more!

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Worldwide Smart Retail Industry to 2027 – by Solution, Retail Offering, System, Application & Geography




Dublin, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The “Smart Retail – Global Market Outlook (2018-2027)” report has been added to’s offering.SoftwareHardwareRetail Offerings Covered:Hardlines and Leisure GoodsFast-moving Consumer GoodsApparel and AccessoriesSystems Covered:Smart LabelVisual MarketingIntelligent SystemSmart Payment SystemOther SystemsApplications Covered:Brand ProtectionFoot-traffic MonitoringInventory ManagementLoyalty Management and PaymentPredictive Equipment MaintenanceSmart Fitting RoomRegions Covered:USCanadaMexicoEuropeGermanyUKItalyFranceSpainRest of EuropeAsia PacificJapanChinaIndiaAustraliaNew ZealandSouth KoreaRest of Asia PacificSouth AmericaArgentinaBrazilChileRest of South AmericaMiddle East & AfricaSaudi ArabiaUAEQatarSouth AfricaRest of Middle East & AfricaWhat our report offers:Market share assessments for the regional and country-level segmentsStrategic recommendations for the new entrantsCovers Market data for the years 2017, 2018, 2019, 2023 and 2027Market Trends (Drivers, Constraints, Opportunities, Threats, Challenges, Investment Opportunities, and recommendations)Strategic analysis: Drivers and Constraints, Product/Technology Analysis, Porter’s five forces analysis, SWOT analysis, etc.Strategic recommendations in key business segments based on the market estimationsCompetitive landscaping mapping the key common trendsCompany profiling with detailed strategies, financials, and recent developmentsSupply chain trends mapping the latest technological advancementsKey Topics Covered:Research and Markets also offers Custom Research services providing focused, comprehensive and tailored research.CONTACT:
Laura Wood, Senior Press Manager
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NexTech is Presenting at Wall Street Reporter’s “NEXT SUPER STOCK” Livestream Conference on July 9th, 2020




NEW YORK and TORONTO, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NexTech AR Solutions (NexTech) (OTCQB: NEXCF) (CSE: NTAR) (FSE: N29), an emerging leader in augmented reality for eCommerce, Video Conferencing and Virtual Events, is pleased to announce that NexTech CEO Evan Gappelberg will be presenting at Wall Street Reporter’s “Next Super Stock” livestream conference on July 9th, 2020.
CLICK HERE TO SIGN UPEvan will update investors on NexTech’s latest technological advances, the recent surge in business from its Video Conferencing and Virtual Events platform InfernoAR, plus the company’s record revenue growth, all as the company pursues four multi-billion dollar verticals in AR.NexTech’s live presentation will take place at 12:30PM Eastern, on Thursday July 9th, 2020The 20-minute presentation will be followed by a question and answer session. To learn more about the event, and sign up for free, click:CLICK HERE TO SIGN UPFor those unable to join the live event, a video of the presentation will be posted later.About “Next Super Stock Live!” conference:
Wall Street Reporter’s “NEXT SUPER STOCK Live!” The conference is dedicated to featuring select companies that have near-term catalysts in place which can drive transformational growth (and stock appreciation) in the months ahead.
Recent Company Highlights in 2020:July 2, 2020: Hired Arnaud Amet as Director of Sales for Europe. Mr. Amet situated in Paris, France comes from regional and global sales and marketing roles in Microsoft (MSFT) where he worked for over a decade ending in 2015. He also has significant experience with his own startup in sales and marketing of AR/VR to large brands partnering with Facebook (FB), Huawei and Microsoft.
June 29, 2020: signed a contract to supply its InfernoAR video conferencing and virtual events platform to the Dallas Independent School District (Dallas ISD).
June 19, 2020: NexTech closed a private placement of 1,528,036 units priced at the market price of $2.10 per unit (the “Units”) for gross proceeds of $3,208,875 (the “Offering”). This financing provides the company with a healthy cash and inventory position of over $7.5million – its highest ever.
June 18, 2020: Company announces that it has signed a partner supplier agreement with BDA, LLC. BDA Sports will be using the InfernoAR virtual event platform for their signature annual Think Tank 2020 program for teams in NHL, NBA, MLB, and NFL.
June 10, 2020: Company signed a partner agreement and contract to provide its InfernoAR Virtual Events platform services to Skybridge World Dubai clients.  Skybridge is a leading events, exhibition and marketing solutions provider to global corporations whose clients include: Emirates Glass, IBM, Lilly, Henkel, Amgen and many others. NexTech and Skybridge have already solidified their partnership and signed up their first customer, Bohringer Ingelheim.
June 4, 2020 The company launched its new ARitize360 app now live and available for a FREE download on both iOS and Android. The app’s 3D scan technology will add to the revenue-generating power of its AR eCommerce solution and its recently launched 3D/AR advertising platform.
June 3, 2020: The company achieved record revenue and gross profit for the month of May 2020. Both revenue and gross profit showed dramatic increases in May. Notably, compared to May 2019, the company’s revenue increased 169% to $1,300,000 while gross profit grew 290% to $800,000 representing the highest revenue and gross profit ever achieved in a single month.
June 1, 2020 : CEO Evan Gappelberg purchased 100,000 shares. It was reported that on 5/5/2020 he purchased 929,885 common shares of NexTech common stock, this is his fourth buy for the year 2020.
May 25, 2020: Signed a contract to supply its Augmented Reality Solutions to a $30 billion market capital, publicly-traded global technology company.
May 22, 2020: The company announced very positive results for its recently launched 3D/AR Ad Network which went live on February 4th 2020. Using the company’s 3D/AR ads resulted in a 300% increase in sales conversions, a 32% increase in click-through-rate (CTR) and a 23% lower cost per click than traditional 2D ads.
May 21, 2020: InfernoAR Virtual Events platform chosen to supply a $13 billion capital, publicly-traded global insurance company, for their global leadership two day summit starting June 6th.
May 19, 2020: Inferno AR integration with Cvent Solutions optimizing the entire InfernoAR event management value chain. Integration with CVENT will broaden the utility and increase the appeal of the platform by helping end-users seamlessly register and become more productive while using the platform.
May 14, 2020: Q1 Revenue grows 177% to $2.5 million, Gross Profit grows 267% to $1.3 million, Working Capital of $3.5 million.
May 12, 2020: InfernoAR platform integration with all major video platforms including its previously announced integration with Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Skype, and new integrations with Cisco Webex, BlueJeans, Google Hangouts, Google Meet, and GoToMeetings. These critical integrations continue to extend the capabilities of the platform, broaden the utility of the platform and help end-users become even more productive while using the platform.About NexTech AR Solutions Corp.NexTech is one of the leaders in the rapidly growing AR industry, estimated to hit $120 billion by 2022, according to Statista. NexTech, the first publicly traded “pure-play” AR company, began trading on the CSE on October 31st, 2018. NexTech has a two-pronged strategy for rapid growth including growth through acquisition of eCommerce businesses and growth of its omni-channel AR SaaS platform called ARitize™.The company is pursuing four verticals in AR.ARitize™ For eCommerce: The company launched its technologically advanced webAR for eCommerce early in 2019 and has been rapidly signing up customers onto its SaaS platform. Customers include Walther Arms, Wright Brothers, Mr. Steak, and Budweiser. NexTech has the first ​‘full funnel’ end-to-end eCommerce solution for the AR industry including its 3D product capture, 3D ads for Facebook and Google, ‘Try it On’ technology for online apparel, 3D and 360-degree product views, and ‘one click buy’.ARitize™ 3D/AR Advertising Platform: launched in Q1 2020 the ad platform will be the industry’s first end-to-end solution whereby the company will leverage its 3D asset creation into 3D, 360, AR ads. In 2019, according to IDC, global advertising spend will be about $725 billion.InfernoAR: the world’s most advanced Augmented Reality and Video Learning Experience Platform for Events, is a SaaS video platform that integrates Interactive Video, Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality in one secure platform to allow enterprises the ability to create the world’s most engaging virtual event management and learning experiences. Automated closed captions and translations to over 64 languages put InfernoAR in a class by itself.ARitize™ Hollywood Studios: expected to launch in 2020, the studio has created a proprietary entertainment venue for which it is producing immersive content using 360 video, and augmented reality as the primary display platform.To learn more, please follow us on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Facebook, or visit our website: behalf of the Board of NexTech AR Solutions Corp.
Evan Gappelberg
CEO and Director
For further information, please contact:Evan Gappelberg
Chief Executive Officer
The CSE has not reviewed and does not accept responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.Certain information contained herein may constitute “forward-looking information” under Canadian securities legislation. Generally, forward-looking information can be identified by the use of forward-looking terminology such as, “will be”, “looking forward” or variations of such words and phrases or statements that certain actions, events or results “will” occur. Forward-looking statements regarding the Company increasing investors awareness are based on the Company’s estimates and are subject to known and unknown risks, uncertainties and other factors that may cause the actual results, levels of activity, performance or achievements of NexTech to be materially different from those expressed or implied by such forward-looking statements or forward-looking information, including capital expenditures and other costs.  There can be no assurance that such statements will prove to be accurate, as actual results and future events could differ materially from those anticipated in such statements. Accordingly, readers should not place undue reliance on forward-looking statements and forward-looking information. NexTech will not update any forward-looking statements or forward-looking information that are incorporated by reference herein, except as required by applicable securities laws.

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Causality Link Adds Veteran IBM Natural Language Processing (NLP) Engineer Craig Trim as Senior Software Engineer – NLP




Salt Lake City, July 08, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Causality Link, an advanced, artificial intelligence (AI)-driven investment technology provider, today announced the addition of veteran software engineer and natural language processing (NLP) expert Craig Trim as senior software engineer – NLP.Trim joins Causality Link having spent the majority of his 20-year software engineering career with IBM, during which time he contributed to over 200 filed patents. He was most recently a senior managing consultant, leading teams in the inception, creation and deployment of chatbots for top companies in the energy, telecommunications and automotive industries. Joining IBM as an intern in 2000, Trim has since been lead engineer for formal offerings in Watson Group, has led teams developing the auto-generation of knowledge graphs, and has led the design and implementation of large-scale e-commerce sites. In addition to his time at IBM, Trim was chief technology officer for Dristi, a cognitive computing company, where he led research and development to create a first-of-a-kind “Audience OS” and cognitive analytics platform. At Causality Link, Trim will lead efforts to enhance the company’s Research Assistant. This initiative will include increasing the number of data sources ingested, the speed at which the data is processed, the insights garnered from the data and more.“Causality Link is an exciting melding of tried and true technology and cutting-edge innovation that is rare to find and has been instrumental in their success thus far,” said Trim. “I look forward to developing and implementing ways to propel the platform even further to gather more insights from more sources in less time.”“Craig is a true trailblazer in the NLP space,” said Pierre Haren, co-founder and CEO of Causality Link. “During his prolific tenure at IBM, he pioneered the use of NLP in ontology learning to look for relationships between data, which is a critical part of our operation. We are thrilled to bring this inventive thinking to Causality Link as we drive our technology to the next level.”Causality Link’s unique, AI-powered research platform extracts the knowledge contained within millions of documents and other text-based sources to provide investors and analysts with a unique perspective on companies, industries and macroeconomic drivers. By aggregating explicitly stated cause-and-effect relationships between market indicators and company key performance indicators (KPIs), the Causality Link platform provides clients with more significant, longer-lasting, less emotional and more precise insights and forecasts.With the overall aim of improving transparency in financial markets, the Causality Link platform models the forces acting on the markets, leveraging machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) techniques to weave together the insights and creativity of experts in understanding the causal relationships at work in the financial world. The solution is leading the next wave of AI innovation that leverages technology to combine human knowledge from thousands of authors.About Causality LinkWith its advanced AI-driven research platform, Causality Link helps investment research professionals produce smarter decisions by better understanding the “causal links” between their subjects and various market indicators. Causality Link was formed on the notion that long-term success in AI and Machine Learning requires a balance of human and machine collaboration that leverages the strongest qualities in each. Causality Link’s platform merges explicit expert knowledge of causation – not simply correlation – with the mathematical power of predictive analytics enabling professionals to gain big-picture understanding of the financial markets. Visit to learn more. AttachmentCraig TrimMichael Kingsley
Forefront Communications for Causality Link

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