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AlphaVu Files for Patent Protection for its System of Information Analysis to Determine Misinformation in Digital Conversations


WASHINGTON, Sept. 23, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — AlphaVu, a leading developer of sentiment analysis and misinformation risk analytics, announced today that it has filed patent protection for its groundbreaking algorithm designed to provide policymakers with the tools and knowledge to identify and combat misinformation within digital conversations.

“Public officials and policymakers are continuously fighting an uphill battle to educate the public with legitimate information from trusted resources. The volume of misinformation related to public health and safety issues online is crowding out the accurate public health guidance from local and national officials,” said Scott Wilkinson, CEO of AlphaVu. “The ability to understand the presence and spread of misinformation is critical and our tools can play a critical role before, during, and after any public safety campaign.”

AlphaVu uses advanced statistical network methodologies, artificial intelligence coupled with specialized analytics to help policymakers identify areas where misinformation is prevalent to make informed decisions and educate the public on the issues that are a matter of public health and safety.

The company’s patent application applies for patent protection for its system of sentiment analysis and misinformation detection for conversations within publicly available digital and social media channels. With this system, AlphaVu can determine public opinion and provide competitive intelligence for decision making.

In today’s digitally-driven society, social media is a critical component of information awareness and sharing, and it requires a sophisticated understanding of human social networks and the technology that connects them. Public officials and government entities who play a role in the distribution of critical public awareness and communications can improve their effectiveness by measuring how people share information and influence one another.

About AlphaVu
Founded in 2009 by Scott Wilkinson, AlphaVu is the world’s data science and analytics company of the future. Built on a network approach that understands and predicts human behavior, it aims to replace outdated messaging strategies based on market fragmentation and division. A growing presence in the data science sector, AlphaVu and its partners have the unique opportunity to deploy effective and unifying messages based on the real-world understanding of how people communicate with one another. Headquartered in Washington D.C., the company services clients in other major markets throughout the country, including: Arizona, California, Michigan, and Texas. A bright, hard-working team leads with the company’s values and mission in mind, and aims to expand its operations and client list in the years to come.

Media Contact:
Kyle Kuhnel for AlphaVu


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