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AND (Ticker: AND.AS) Launches new Health Alert Zones.


Have your health exposure at your fingertips

Capelle aan den IJssel, the Netherlands, 1 October 2020- AND is proud to announce the launch of its new global Health Alert Zones API and website.

The AND team has joined forces with the GeoHealthApp team to develop a unique location-based Health Alert Zone risk evaluation. This API provides aggregated global information about COVID-19 pandemic statistics and health exposure evaluation, down to local level, across specific focus countries such as Germany ,  Switzerland, UK, USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy.

The health exposure risk score is compiled using COVID-19 official statistics combined with expected exposure in up to 50 different types of locations (from shops, bars and restaurants, parks, beaches etc…) as well as the weather forecast and the day of the week. This results in a detailed risk assessment for areas as small as 100m2. Our algorithm estimates local behavior based on this local and dynamic data and then creates a health alert score for each region and area. This information can be either accessed via an API or displayed on a website using the AND MapTiler Technology.

With that information at their fingertips, people can make better informed decisions regarding their next destination and its associated health exposure. Businesses can also benefit from AND’s health alert zones by taking the appropriate safety measures when planning their logistics operations or deploying their services teams.

Key features of this API include

  • Up to date global COVID-19 (WHO) information, including historical data, in 200+ countries.
  • Health Exposure from country to street level in the focus countries.
  • Daily updates to global and local data.
  • Detailed local level information from official sources of the following focus countries: Germany, Switzerland, UK, USA, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Italy, with more to be added soon.

Thierry Jaccoud, CEO at AND said: “The collaboration with the GeoHealthApp/ARIT-Services team has been beneficial on multiple levels. The GeoHealthApp/ARIT-Services team’s vision to reduce the spread of the virus by offering free information in an app works hand in hand with AND’s vision to improve safety and sustainability via tailor-made location-aware content. The latest app version includes GeoMap which offers both an overview of where app users are located and their status within the risk areas. Both mapping solutions are using AND’s MapTiler technology and the Health Alert Zones API. We now look forward to further enrich that API with users’ feedback.“

Dr. Med Maxim Gleser, Shareholder GeoHealthApp gGmbH said: “When we needed to complete our vision for a new app that not only included a COVID-19 tracker but also location-aware information through our in App GeoMap, we welcomed the idea to meet with the AND Team. AND immediately embraced and supported this new initiative. Unlike other COVID-19 apps, our app delivers a unique combination of COVID-19 tracker app and location-aware health information and works very well across borders and continents. The GeoHealthApp team in collaboration with the Health Tech Cluster in Switzerland wants to revolutionise how people use technology to reduce their health risk exposure and I think we are on the right track to achieve this.”

For more information about AND’s Health alert zones, visit www.health-alert-zones.com or www.and.com/health-alert-zones-demonstrator for further details about the GeoHealth app visit www.geohealthapp.de or their Facebook page


About AND
AND is an innovative location-aware content and service provider. Our focus is to create and deliver market leading, relevant, innovative and tailored content which fosters a safer and more sustainable world. Using smart technology, we constantly enrich and update our global database and offer an end-to-end portfolio of location-aware products and services.

About GeoHealthApp GmBH
GeoHealth App is a Non-Profit Organization that aims to reduce the spread of COVID-19. Our goal is to customize COVID-19 protection measurements to maximise our users’ probability to stay healthy. At the same time our users should have the maximum amount of freedom. By utilizing Big Data and artificial intelligence we are at the forefront of creating the most advanced digital health tools against COVID-19.

Press Relations contact AND:
Caroline Bombart
Head of Marketing
Tel +31 (0)10 885 1200

Press Relations contact GeoHealthApp:
Robert Sachartschenko
Managing Director & Co-Founder
Tel : +49 (0) 176 5785 4133


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