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Torrey Smith Joins Rose Health as Investor and Brand Ambassador to Promote Mental Health Resilience


BALTIMORE, Dec. 02, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Baltimore-based mental health technology startup, Rose Health, announced today that two-time Super Bowl champion and former Baltimore Raven, Torrey Smith, has become an investor in the company and will work on creating strategic partnerships and supporting initiatives for Rose. Smith also will serve as a spokesperson to promote the Rose Health app and mental health resilience.

Earlier this month, Rose Health announced it raised more than $1.5M in seed round funding, which was oversubscribed due to overwhelming interest from investors. This comes at a time when the need for comprehensive mental health care resources and building resiliency is a critical health priority.  

“I’ve had my share of mental health struggles, which began in my childhood and led into my adult life. I experienced first-hand the gap in accessible resources to mental healthcare. When I was introduced to Rose Health and its remote monitoring app, I immediately saw the benefits it provided to both doctors and patients. I want to play an active role in creating awareness surrounding this important issue and let the public know that there are resources available to help build mental health resilience and overcome challenges,” said Smith.

At the core of Rose Health is the company’s mental health patient monitoring app and provider dashboard, which uses patented AI and Natural Language Processing to detect markers in speech and emotion to help identify early warning signs of depression and mood disorder conditions. The platform produces a Rose score, a patient’s mental health credit score, based on the user’s input into the app.

“We are excited to have Torrey on board to support Rose Health’s initiatives, and share the Rose app with his broad audience,” said Rose Health CEO and founder Kavi Misri. “As a two-time Super Bowl champion, Torrey has reached the pinnacle of success in his career, but that did not make him immune to mental health struggles. He is truly passionate about helping others manage their mental health issues, and his role as a brand ambassador will strengthen our fundamental message that mental health issues can affect anyone and should not be downplayed. Rose provides the tools and resources to help clinicians work with patients at any stage of their life to build resilience and get the help they need to live a fulfilling life.”

By incorporating deep technology, Rose is able to look for the key indicators in questionnaire answers and journal entries provided by users, which show warning markers for the presence and advancement of symptoms, including anxiety, depression, self-harm and suicide. Providers receive a dashboard to monitor users’ well-being and alert them to any changes, allowing them to provide appropriate care in between office visits.

“I see first-hand how the app provides incredible resources to patients to help significantly improve their mood and mental health in between doctor visits,” said Torrey Smith. “Knowing you are not alone and that your clinician is able to monitor your progress and can be there for you in a crisis, is such a reassuring feeling – truly a breakthrough in how we approach mental healthcare,” said Torrey Smith.”

It has been a busy last few months for Smith, whose nonprofit, LEVEL82 Fund, recently announced a partnership with Baltimore City Recreation & Parks to revitalize, staff and program the Hilton Recreation Center. Since 2011, Smith has been committed to giving back to the Baltimore community and hopes to continue positively impacting the lives of others through his partnership with Rose Health.

To download the Rose App for free, please visit rosehealth.com/app


Rose Health is a comprehensive technology solution that provides a HIPAA-compliant mental health monitoring platform based on clinical trials and research by Johns Hopkins University. The Rose Health platform is powered by patented artificial intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology, which enables it to identify key indicators and warning markers for the presence and/or advancement of mental health symptoms in a user’s responses to questions and prompts. Rose offers a mobile app for the 43 million Americans experiencing mental illnesses and an artificial intelligence-powered tool for health care providers to monitor and support their patients. To download the Rose App, please visit rosehealth.com/app (rosehealth.com)

A video accompanying this announcement is available at: https://www.globenewswire.com/NewsRoom/AttachmentNg/51517815-3185-45bb-b9c2-0fc9b199fb89

Media contact: Hanly Rogers


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