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Fusionware Supply Chain Traceability Platform Acquired by C9 Capital


HEBER CITY, Utah, Feb. 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Fusionware is announcing today that its platform operations have been acquired by AgTech.io, LLC which is owned and managed by C9 Capital, LLC. “Fusionware is an exciting acquisition for us as we continue to grow our AgTech portfolio,” stated Ryan Barton, Managing Director of C9 Capital. “As the nation was dealing with the overwhelming impacts of COVID-19, there became a heightened awareness regarding the U.S. food supply chain. Consumers want and need to know where their food is coming from, start to finish. Fusionware is the platform that provides the link from end-to-end and gives our nation’s growers and the consumer complete traceability.”

Fusionware is the leading cloud-based produce supply chain company, designed to help growers connect every step of the supply chain – from seed to shelf. Fusionware can track a seed-based commodity back to the parent generation of the seed and continue tracing it all the way to the grocery store shelf. To accomplish this, Fusionware utilizes a proprietary cloud-based technology that enables key stakeholders across the supply chain to have real-time access to the data.

Founder Creg Fielding noted that the future of farming is rapidly becoming automated and digitized. “Fusionware was built using blockchain technology while linking business and artificial intelligence into one user friendly software platform that tracks every supply chain touchpoint. Fusionware technology has the power to revolutionize the industry. We can eliminate food waste, simplify traceability, promote sustainability, mitigate risk and make a positive impact on the planet and profitability of our customers. Fusionware is that platform — now and well into the future.”

Since its founding in 2016, Fusionware has been quietly providing its SaaS-based traceability solution to grow/pack/ship and processing operations of all sizes domestically and internationally. In doing so, Fusionware has amassed some of the largest names and landowners in the industry. Fielding noted that Fusionware “helps take the stress out of traceability for our customers, while allowing them to access larger markets by providing a scalable, reliable traceability solution that is flexible based on needs. Retailers like Walmart and Kroger haven’t historically felt comfortable buying from small entities.” Fielding added, “Smaller companies who wouldn’t have the bandwidth to achieve the same level of traceability now have the ability to sell into these major retailer markets and satisfy all the regulatory requirements. The smaller producers won’t get squeezed out and will be able to thrive in the global produce marketplace.”

Scott Mikkelsen, CEO and Managing Director at C9 Capital, commented, “We are extremely bullish on the opportunity for Fusionware. While it is another strategic AgTech acquisition for us, it also provides tremendous upside potential, while addressing some of the nation’s most pressing questions around the U.S. Supply Chain. This is evidenced by FDA’s New Era of Smarter Food initiative, which is centered around tech-enabled traceability.” Mikkelsen concluded that “today, the AgTech space has massive growth potential, especially in the traceability space. The growth capital we are providing will allow Fusionware to expand into adjacent food markets, which include; dairy, meat and seafood and will put our technology at the fingertips of people who can help sustain the world’s food supply chain.”

About Fusionware
Fusionware is the leading end-to-end cloud-based supply chain platform for growers in North America. In addition to providing an automated system solution between buyers and sellers, the platform empowers the supply chain users by digitizing the entire value chain from farms, processors, packers, freight logistics, wholesalers, distributors, foodservice and retailers, allowing the users to optimize operations, improve efficiency and increase growth and profitability.

About C9 Capital
C9 Capital is a Midwest based venture capital firm focused on acquisitions and early-stage start-ups and acquisitions that have the potential for excellent growth and positive environmental and social impacts (ESG). C9 has portfolio holdings primarily focused in the AgTech, FinTech, Health & Wellness and Digital Marketing.

For inquiries about Fusionware, please contact:
Dane Dickerson
Director of Marketing @ Fusionware Inc.


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