IQE Limited Shows that Arbitrage Trading of Digital Assets is Effective & Profitable


HONG KONG, July 20, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As cryptocurrency trading gain ground amongst market traders, professional traders are beginning to take a long hard look at adopting some conventional trading concepts into their trading operations.

One of these concepts is arbitrage. Arbitrage trading, which enable traders to benefit from the price differentials of a certain asset, has recently attracted much debate about its efficacy.

A number of traders have held the view that arbitrage trading is sound concept but difficult to execute given the speed at which prices of digital assets fluctuate.

However, with IQE Limited’s MCTP (Multi-Exchange Crypto-Arbitrage Trading Pool) completing its third payout of staking of rewards, it has definitively proven that arbitrage trading is feasible, effective and profitable when it is executed using the right tools, technology and trading strategies.

Through the IQE Trading System’s use of AI-enabled (Artificial Intelligence), automated solutions and the MCTP trading model’s strategy of risk diversification, IQE Limited has transformed arbitrage trading of digital assets from a concept that seemed complicated into one that is feasible and appealing.

In fact, the greatest proponent of such a concept is probably the outstanding results delivered by the MCTP itself. Till date, the MCTP has generated stable, consistent returns with timely pay-outs to participants.

In addition, the MCTP has shown that there is much room for further growth of arbitrage trading as it progressively integrates more exchanges into its trading model, with the latest upcoming exchange to be integrated into the trading model, Bitfinex, set to go live sometime at the end of July 2021.

The MCTP and IQE Trading System has most definitely turned arbitrage trading from concept into reality, making arbitrage trading a powerful tool kit in the field digital asset trading.

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