Xalles Announces the Second Group of Xalles Studio Participants


Six growth firms and startups join the Xalles Studio as its second group of participants

WASHINGTON, D.C., Aug. 02, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — via NewMediaWire — Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC: XALL), a fintech holding company providing technology and financial services solutions, today announced the second group of companies to participate in the Xalles Studio Innovation Program. The program is available for early-stage technology companies looking to reach the next significant financial transaction event.

Xalles Studio is a business unit of Xalles Capital Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Xalles Holdings Inc., and the Xalles Studio business model includes creating a portfolio of minority ownership stakes in a variety of Fintech, InsurTech, EnergyTech, HealthTech and other technology companies. Through its innovation program, Xalles Studio connects early-stage technology companies with essential resources needed to launch, grow, and succeed through mentorship, networking, capital access, business development, and shared services that can be delivered globally. Xalles Studio searches for companies with strong intellectual property or patents to create a unique portfolio.

Xalles is announcing that Loyalty Superstore in eCommerce; Wishes in Payment Solutions; AI Growth HUB in Artificial Intelligence Solutions; Blue Power Systems in Energy Tech; FinLocker in Fintech; and Private Loyalty Club in Loyalty Programs are now officially engaged with Xalles Studio. 

Loyalty Superstore, Inc. provides loyalty, rewards and incentive platforms to the B2B, B2B2C and B2C multi-billion dollar marketplaces worldwide. Wishes Inc. is a platform designed to get donation resources and support directly to the individuals and families that need it most in times of crisis. Wishes adds transparency and rewards for both the donor and wishers, so donated funds can be validated with every purchase to ensure they are being used as requested. Blue Power Systems, Inc. is an all-in-one power solution for residential and commercial needs.  This patented technology works like a miniaturized grid, except that it’s independent of central power all together. AlgrowthHUB Inc. provides AI-based services for digital advertising and lead generation for businesses. Private Loyalty Club Inc. provides premium membership packages to consumers to shop at local merchants while providing those shops and service providers with a new monthly source of revenue. FinLocker, LLC has a secure financial fitness tool that aggregates and analyzes a consumer’s financial data to offer a personalized journey for the consumer to achieve loan eligibility for a mortgage and other financial transactions.

“We are pleased that this second group of companies has shown so much potential for growth and have strong management teams,” stated Bob Trevelyan, Managing Director of Xalles Studio. He continued, “Their progress has been swift and 2 of the 6 companies have already been acquired by Xalles Technology and Xalles Financial Services groups, although not all will graduate from the program in the same way. Achieving the next financial transaction event is the primary objective of the program for the participating companies.”

About Xalles Holdings Inc. (OTC: XALL)
Xalles Holdings Inc. is a holding company that focuses on direct investments in disruptive fintech companies. The company actively seeks acquisition targets in which it can invest and accelerate growth, targeting companies with solid management teams and business models, large total attainable markets (TAM), and lucrative exit opportunities. The company places emphasis on leveraging blockchain technologies to provide industry-leading financial reconciliation and auditing solutions, which, over time, will allow for the capture of recurring revenue streams. For more information visit: Xalles.com

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