Actifai launches Actifai Digital to accelerate broadband providers’ online subscriber acquisition efforts with AI


WASHINGTON, Jan. 19, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Today, Actifai, a software-as-a-service provider delivering a first-of-its-kind AI-powered customer engagement platform, announced the launch of Actifai Digital. The end-to-end digital sales solution utilizes AI and machine learning to guide broadband providers’ online shoppers to the right products and services that best meet their needs — without requiring agent interaction.

Based on a recent industry survey from the Capgemini Research Institute, one-third of telco consumers find it difficult and time-consuming to buy products and services online. Actifai streamlines the digital customer experience by guiding prospective customers through an engaging, modern discovery process that uncovers critical information about their needs and interests. It then uses proprietary AI/ML models to generate a personalized recommendation for each unique prospect. By presenting shoppers with a specific offer best aligned with their individual interests, rather than requiring them to navigate a complex lineup of product and service options, Actifai boosts sales conversions, increases new subscriber retention and helps providers optimize their customers’ online shopping experience.

“With the rise in online transactions, it’s more important than ever for providers to make it simple for customers to identify their ideal offer,” said Jeff Vogt, GM and executive vice president at Actifai. “Consumers expect a smooth and personalized shopping experience. But overcomplicated catalogs of offers and call or email requirements to finish signing up fail to deliver on that expectation and create barriers that suppress sales. With Digital, we’ve applied AI to create a web-based, self-service consumer experience that is as close to an agent-led sales engagement as possible — and we’re seeing the impact of personalized recommendations in our customers’ results.”

Actifai’s platform is already used by leading cable and telecommunications service providers, which are realizing up to 30% higher conversion rates on new sales, double the sell-through rate of add-on products and higher sustained retention rates — all of which deliver material gains in customer lifetime value. As competition among service providers continues to increase, particularly in rural areas, Actifai Digital offers providers of all sizes a cost-effective solution to activate their digital sales channels, optimize their customers’ shopping experiences and accelerate subscriber growth.


API: Designed to be easily customizable and directly integrated into providers’ native sign-up flows, Digital’s APIs allow providers to improve existing e-commerce experiences with minimal website changes.

Microsite: For providers looking to establish an online sales channel, Digital can be deployed quickly and easily as a microsite connected to their existing billing system, automatically directing prospects from their company website to a standalone, branded digital storefront built and hosted by Actifai.


Rich predictive data: Independently sourced demographic, competitive and behavioral data helps predict a customer’s service needs, interests and likelihood of making a purchase.

Engaging discovery flow: Without increasing cart abandonment or bounces, Actifai Digital asks customers a set of predictive usage and interest questions, magnifying the customers’ role in identifying their ideal offer and helping ensure the offer recommendation matches their expectations, ultimately increasing subscriptions.

Machine learning and AI: By combining robust predictive data with 1 million proprietary outcomes from previous anonymized sales engagements, Digital delivers a single recommended offer that best aligns with an individual customer. The platform further improves conversion and the customer’s buying experience by backing up every offer with contextually relevant selling points that highlight value, provide comparisons against alternatives and emphasize how recommended services specifically match a customer’s interests.

Built-in serviceability: Beyond simply checking providers’ homes-passed data, Digital automatically determines, in real time, if a new address is serviceable, reducing false “unserviceable” responses by 55% and engineering check requests by 45%.

Analytics: The platform delivers actionable data and insights on the customer journey, order histories and performance metrics that can be used to shape marketing plans, improve sales effectiveness and inform offer and pricing strategies.

Leads management: Actifai Digital enables users to manage online sales leads in one centralized place and provides engagement history and prospect lists enhanced by Actifai’s consumer insights and analytics.

“altafiber serves our communities through technological innovation, and we are committed to meeting our customers’ evolving needs and enhancing their experience,” said Liz Heimbrock, senior product manager at altafiber. “Part of that commitment is raising the standard of our online sales channels with a refined focus on usability, simplicity and customer personalization. Actifai Digital helps us elevate our website engagements, place ideal service offers in front of each individual and deliver the phenomenal customer experiences we are dedicated to.”

Digital is one of several product extensions to the modular Actifai platform scheduled to roll out in 2023. For more information about how Actifai’s AI-powered engagement platform helps broadband providers deliver the right offer for every customer, visit

About Actifai
Actifai is a software-as-a-service provider serving a growing portfolio of regional operators and several leading broadband and communications providers in North America. By matching potential subscribers with a single optimal offer across providers’ agent-assisted and digital sales channels, Actifai’s customer engagement platform reduces buying complexity for consumers and eliminates information barriers and selling biases to deliver optimized sales outcomes. Actifai’s industry-first, AI-powered offer recommendations enable providers to maximize the value of customer engagements in real-time, helping them achieve up to 30% conversion improvement, an average 12% ARPU increase, and a 15- to 30-fold return on investment. For more information, please visit