Crayon Hungary and Grape Solutions announce strategic collaboration agreement


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BUDAPEST, Hungary, May 02, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Grape Solutions Plc., a leading software development company headquartered in Budapest, Hungary, announces a long-term strategic partnership with Crayon Hungary, a leader in IT consulting services headquartered in Budapest, Hungary.

The long-term strategic partnership ensures both Crayon and Grape Solutions find new opportunities and enter markets faster while helping clients’ digital transformation with each other’s services and competencies more efficiently. The agreement impasses that companies appear jointly at business events and actively cooperate in expanding their business portfolio.

Crayon Global – headquartered in Oslo, Norway – with over 3 300 employees in 47 countries, provides commercial and technical support to help customers build a secure basis for successful cloud-centric digital transformation. With over 16 years of software development and IT consulting expertise, Grape Solutions ensures various tech services to customers in the oil, energy, banking and insurance segments, such as app development, business intelligence (BI), robotic process automation (RPA) or IT outsourcing. Grape Solutions developed turnkey software products to solve challenges in e-mobility, efficient energy consumption, IoT or general business operation in the past few years, enabling their clients to respond to business opportunities quickly.

“Digitalisation is fundamentally transforming the way all companies operate, from the automation of processes to the emergence of new digital business models. By optimising IT costs, Crayon enables companies to use the resources saved in day-to-day operations to innovate, increasing their efficiency and competitiveness. We help you optimise your ability to innovate by taking advantage of cloud technologies, harnessing your corporate data assets or, increasingly, using ChatGPT artificial intelligence,” said Tamás Sőrés, General Manager of Crayon Hungary Ltd.   

“Crayon and Grape Solutions match in various aspects, we are jointly committed to hybrid, cloud technologies and scalable platform approaches when we develop products for our clients. In addition to the technological orientation, we think along similar lines in terms of setting up professional teams, as we believe valuing and continuously training our team members is the answer to long-term customer satisfaction. With our partnership with Crayon, we are able to provide our clients with the most comprehensive IT contribution ever,” added Szilárd Széll, CEO of Grape Solutions Plc.


Dorina Páll
[email protected]