Freight Brokers Saving 11 Hours Per Week, Per Rep, with Tai Document Processor


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HUNTINGTON BEACH, Calif., May 17, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In response to continued manual operations that restrict success, Tai TMS (Tai), a fully integrated, broker platform for freight management and transportation, today announced additional efficiencies that Tai Document Processor is bringing to freight brokers. Through Tai’s Document Processor, freight brokers are able to incorporate powerful artificial intelligence into their operations to streamline data extraction and replication from invoices and shipment documentation.

Instead of finding each shipment individually, users can upload their stack of documents to quickly process the documents and match them to a load. From there, the system extracts data which can then be used to match the document to the shipment. The Ai matching process requires minimal manual entry, but does allow for data inputs such as document type, access levels, PRO numbers, reference numbers, buy rate and POD approvals, as needed.

“Artificial intelligence is the next step freight brokers have to take in order to compete in a crowded marketplace,” said Walter Mitchell, CEO, Tai. “Tai’s Ai engine supports the manual staff by providing unmatched time savings and risk mitigation. When implementing our Ai document processor, each of our customer’s reps saves an average of 11 hours per week.”

Tai’s Document Processor interacts seamlessly with Tai’s Email Assistant as well as the Tai TMS system. Brokers can use Tai Email Assistant to send documents in an email to Tai Document Processor and once documents are received by the processor, like carrier bills, the approved document will appear in Tai TMS.

“Sinking time into data entries prevents brokerage representatives from providing invaluable and differentiating customer service,” added Mitchell. “By giving each of these reps 11 hours a week back, we are arming freight brokerages with an Ai tool that can not only speed up their operations but also strengthen their client satisfaction.”

Tai Document Processor also has a tool that allows users to split multi-page documents into single-page files, making it easier for brokers to break documents when they receive PODs, carrier bills, or other contents in the same file. Through this process brokers can simplify document classification and match them correctly to shipments.

About Tai
Tai TMS is an all-in-one domestic freight management system for full truckload and LTL shipments. Tai gives your team unmatched speed and scalability with automation implanted into every phase, along with direct integrations to carriers, load boards, and capacity tools.

Tai Software’s core group of developers and freight industry experts has helped freight brokers scale growth for over 20 years. We are dedicated to introducing unique, envelope-pushing, instantly accessible products to the transportation management industry. We believe in perfecting our existing products and expanding only when we can meet our own highest standards. Our lean organization allows us to focus on continuous innovation to ensure our customers are always empowered with the most cutting-edge software.

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