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Digitized Versions of Rare Early Ted Bundy Letters Now Available for Limited Sale via Blockchain



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A set of rare handwritten letters by serial killer Ted Bundy, his family, and his longtime girlfriend to Judge Stewart Hanson are now available in a limited sale via blockchain technology, digitized in a high-quality format and uploaded to Cargo.

Written in 1976 and never before publicly released, the letters plead Bundy’s case to Judge Hanson during and immediately after his first trial. First arrested in 1975, Bundy was tried for kidnapping and assault in Utah, before the full scope of his crimes was apparent. In addition to letters by Bundy himself, this rare collection includes letters written by his mother, brothers, and longtime girlfriend Elizabeth Kloepfer. Personal and pleading, the letters to Judge Hanson express that Bundy was a nice man and that he couldn’t possibly be guilty of the crimes of which he had been accused and was to stand trial.

Calculated emotional control

The letters from Ted Bundy himself make a case for his own innocence—but, with today’s perspective, also show the depth of his manipulative capabilities and the calculated way he could control his emotions while not revealing what lurks beneath. Those authored before Judge Hanson’s February 1976 guilty verdict—issued after a somewhat lengthy deliberation—seem intended to influence the outcome. After Judge Hanson issued his verdict, the letters from Bundy himself continued, pivoting in purpose to appeal for mercy and justice.

The manipulation continues

Ultimately, Bundy was sentenced to one to 15 years in Utah’s state prison; he served about four months before he was extradited to Colorado to stand trial for a murder he was suspected of committing in the state in 1975. Over a dozen years, from 1977 to 1989, Bundy manipulated and confounded law enforcement and legal authorities in many ways, including through letters written after these, via escape attempts (successful and not), in statements at his trials, through confessions, and with the revelation of tantalizing clues that stayed his scheduled execution. In January 1989, he was put to death by electric chair.

Thirty years on, Bundy still fascinates

Today, Ted Bundy is recognized as an unusually organized, methodical, and calculating serial killer. Not only did he plot his crimes and canvass intended crime scenes in painstaking detail, he appears to have possessed unusual cunning. This chilling quality is evident in his ability to appeal to and lure dozens of young women; to leave no incriminating personal forensic evidence at the scenes; and even in what Judge Hanson described as his ‘changeling’ appearance, which makes no two photographs of Bundy ever look alike. Though more than 30 years have passed since his execution, Ted Bundycontinues to disturb and fascinate.

For sale on the blockchain

Now, access to these never-before-released early letters is available—for a limited time and audience. Digitized in a high-quality format and uploaded to Cargo, the letters are securely stored and encrypted via ERC-721 tokens on the Ethereum blockchain. Ten total tokens will be offered for sale. Only purchasers holding the cryptographic signature from one of the 10 tokens will be able to download the files. Once downloaded, the letters belong to the token owner, and the tokens (and letters) can be resold for a price of the purchaser’s asking.

Sean Papanikolas, Cargo founder and current owner of the letters, says about them, “People are going to want to see these letters. Not only can they see them, but Cargo makes it so they can own and there’s only a limited amount available – which creates digital rarity, and scarcity for something that is physically rare and scarce.”

More information and token sale information can be found here:



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Supply Chain Management Association Becomes Supply Chain Canada



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At its AGM yesterday, the Supply Chain Management Association™ announced its name change to Supply Chain Canada™. The association also launched a new website as part of an overall rebranding initiative.

“The new name and look are part of a transformation that we have undertaken as the association enters its second century,” said Christian Buhagiar, President & CEO of Supply Chain Canada. “Today’s supply chains are dynamic and fast-paced. The association for Canada’s supply chain professionals must reflect that.”

Through the rebranding process, the association has also acquired a meaningful new logo and tagline, “Professionals advancing the future.”

The logo’s maple leaf design not only conveys our nationality; it also represents the connectedness of the supply chain, illustrating the networks and collaboration that are so essential to supply chain success, and the interconnectedness of the association’s federation, institutes and members. Its connected dots can be seen, as well, as the complex route of a global supply chain.

“Professionals advancing the future” succinctly communicates both the professional status of supply chain practitioners and their forward-looking perspective. It is intended to:

  1. Elevate the perception of supply chain practitioners as professionals, acknowledging the value they bring to their organizations and to the Canadian economy.
  2. Encompass the several ways that the association and its members “advance” – in their personal careers and knowledge, and for the profession, the country and the economy.
  3. Express the future focus of the association – with its emphasis on the development of skills and policies – and of the supply chain itself, now so focused on AI, blockchain, robotics, automation and so on.

The new website, now at, is enhanced with a modern look and new functionality that enables location-based content for users across Canada.

These changes are not simply style enhancements. They are part of a larger plan to strengthen the association. Supply Chain Canada consolidates the organization’s brand across the country under a single name in every province and territory, removing any possible confusion from its federation structure. “The unity that this will ensure will help us improve recognition in the sector, and thereby provide stronger leadership to the Canadian supply chain community,” said Buhagiar.

The association’s transformation began in 2018 with a new vision and mission, as well as an ambitious three-year strategic plan. The new name and rebranding announced yesterday are part of a larger evolution that will continue over the next two years with the introduction of new and revised educational offerings, new initiatives to engage with industry, more value-added membership benefits and more.


SOURCE Supply Chain Canada

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Wirex Launches Enhanced Cryptoback™



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Today, payments platform Wirex launched a supercharged update of their revolutionary Cryptoback™ rewards programme. Customers can now earn up to 1.5% back in Bitcoin on Wirex Visa card purchases.

Released in 2018, Cryptoback™ was the world’s first rewards programme that paid out 0.5% in cryptocurrency for all in-store spending with the Wirex Visa card. Thanks to the recent launch of the Wirex Token (WXT), customers can now triple the amount of BTC they earn – making investing in cryptocurrency easier than ever before.

Depending on the amount of WXT held, in-store Wirex card purchases now generate up to 1.5% in Bitcoin. There are three levels of crypto rewards available:

  • 500,000 WXT = 1.5% Cryptoback™
  • 100,000 WXT = 1.0% Cryptoback™
  • 50,000 WXT = 0.75% Cryptoback™

Wirex have calculated that the average UK consumer stands to earn more than £300 in Cryptoback™ every year, just by using their Wirex Visa card for day-to-day spending. Unlike many other cashback programmes, Wirex doesn’t impose restrictions on what customers can do with their rewards. Cryptoback™ can be redeemed instantly into their Bitcoin accounts, or quickly and easily exchanged into fiat for spending.

Enhanced Cryptoback™ is just one of the ways that holding Wirex Tokens allows customers to get even more out of their account. They can also enjoy heavily discounted fees based on the same structure, with access to premium products, merchant offers and airport lounges coming soon. As Wirex co-founder Pavel Matveev explains:

“We created the Wirex Token to be something that provides tangible value and benefits for holders beyond its market trajectory. Enhanced Cryptoback™ is the perfect example of this, as it allows customers to earn and invest in digital currency with a minimum of fuss. We’re looking forward to introducing even more benefits for WXT holders soon.”



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Export Portal to Address Best Practices in Sustainable Trade Facilitation at the Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum



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Export Portal CEO Ally Spinu will be adding her take on the alignment of trade facilitation and sustainable development goals at a session at the 9th Asia-Pacific Trade Facilitation Forum (APTFF) in New Delhi.

“The Asia-Pacific region is a wealth of unexplored opportunities which lay deep in the communities of local businessmen and women that just need support in bringing their amazing products to the world to see and buy,” Ms. Spinu said. “I am looking forward to this event and being a part of the change that will help local businesses from this part of the world sell their products globally. I deeply believe that shifting attention to developing SMEs is the major change international trade and local economies have been waiting for.”

This year’s APTFF will focus on how digital and sustainable trade facilitation measures and practices can bring prosperity in the Asia-Pacific region. The forum will investigate opportunities from trade digitalization for sustainable progress of the area and challenges ahead in materializing such opportunities. APTFF will feature panel discussions as well as interactive and informative sessions. These sessions will allow participants to share experiences and perspectives on different aspects of trade facilitation, including trade finance, cross-border eCommerce and paperless trade, transit, innovative application of emerging technologies, and more. APTFF will bring relevant regional initiatives and implementation cases to each session, making it a unique opportunity to share knowledge and practical lessons. The forum will also include many side-events providing a more in-depth exploration of the pertinent trade facilitation issues.

“Agricultural products are the fastest category and industry growing within Export Portal, and I can say that is just natural that SMEs around the world are actively looking for new ways for selling their products around the world,” Ms. Spinu said. “The role of innovative technologies such as Export Portal is crucial in helping these SMEs integrate within the world supply chain of food with ease and at optimal costs. I want to explain the current issues existing within SMEs’ integration in international trade due to the high cost involved and how technology slowly but surely changes this.”

Export Portal’s trade goals align directly with the purpose of this session, as its international B2B trade platform is an affordable and all-encompassing solution for SMEs all over the world. The features that are available and being developed on Export Portal, such as the panel of experts (EP+), the educational hub (EPU), and data flow insights (EPI), provide SMEs with the resources they need to trade effectively on an international scale safely, securely, and efficiently.

The Digital and Sustainable Trade Facilitation for Regional Prosperity session is co-organized by ADB, ESCAP, Ministry of Commerce, India and Confederation of Indian Industry and will be held on Wednesday, September 18, from 9:00 to 10:45 AM.


SOURCE Export Portal

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