Reveal Reimagines the eDiscovery User Experience in Version 10



Reveal, a global eDiscovery technology company, today announced the release of Version 10 and its new user interface. The redesigned application provides enhanced functionality and optimized workflows across the entire AI-powered eDiscovery platform.

“Version 10 marks the latest milestone in our mission to deliver efficiency and speed-to-value for our customers,” said Wendell Jisa, CEO of Reveal. “We modernized and redesigned the platform to enable our customers to spend less time navigating the tool and more time achieving results.”

The new version is available now, across all deployment models: including cloud, on-premise and mobile appliances.

An industry-first, Reveal’s ‘dark mode’ interface setting was introduced to reduce eye strain and maximize productivity while saving screen energy. In ‘dark mode’, the system uses a darker color palette for all views, menus, and controls, and uses more vibrancy to make foreground content stand out against the darker background.

Search functionality was completely restructured providing a more intuitive experience. Users can now target searches across document text, metadata text or a combination, meaning more flexibility and accurate results. Predictive search was introduced to easily add key data points and dynamically add those fields to search queries.

“BRG has been offering the Reveal platform to our clients with great success and feedback,” said Alex Jacobs, Director at Berkeley Research Group.  “We are very excited about the v10 features being released; built-in image detection and labeling, audio-video transcription, foreign language translation and seamless AI integration; because an already fast and efficient review platform is getting even better.”

The AI-powered platform added transcription capabilities for audio and video files to easily search files without opening them.

New image detection technology uses machine learning to identify and apply labels to images to facilitate search and filter without looking at every image.


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