Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres Advances Digital Transformation Initiative with Capsule



Medcare Hospitals & Medical Centres, based in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), is using the Capsule Medical Device Information Platform (MDIP) to power its digital transformation initiative and prepare for future imperatives, Capsule announced today.

Connecting a wide range of monitoring and therapy devices to clinical information systems, Capsule’s MDIP is also able to deliver data to clinical research, alarm management, surveillance and advanced analytics technologies.

With Capsule’s MDIP infrastructure, Medcare Hospitals is maximizing the use of medical device data to support its data-driven, proactive patient care approach.

“We’re honored to partner with Medcare to advance its digital transformation initiative,” said Hemant Goel, General Manager of Capsule, which was recently acquired by Philips. “As one of the UAE’s premier private healthcare providers, Medcare has built a reputation for clinical excellence and leadership in the advancement of patient safety. Our collaboration starts with device connectivity to simplify clinical documentation, which lays the groundwork for integrating additional systems that will help further Medcare’s delivery of proactive and predictive care.”

Medcare Hospitals recently won a MENA (Middle East and North Africa) Digital Award for “Best Use of Digital in Healthcare” for its smart Artificial Intelligence (AI) chatbot, an end-to-end appointment management platform that does not require human intervention. The chatbot has increased the call center efficiencies and demonstrates its digital transformation gains.

“Capsule shares our vision of empowering clinicians with the right data at the right time to enhance patient safety and the patient experience at our facilities,” said Medcare Group CEO Andre Daoud. “We’ve built our health system around innovation and the modernization of healthcare delivery. Capsule, likewise, has developed an innovative platform that captures and contextualizes medical device information, providing timely patient status at the point of care. We believe that this approach will help us further improve overall patient satisfaction through better communication and digitalization.”

The Capsule MDIP captures high fidelity, streaming clinical data from devices at a patient’s bedside and transforms it into context-rich information for clinical documentation, alarm management, patient surveillance, decision support, predictive analytics, clinical research and more.

Medcare Hospitals will deploy Capsule MDIP across 157 beds at its four hospitals in the UAE. Capsule Axon connectivity hubs and Neuron clinical computers support connectivity, which share physiologic measurements and waveforms with Medcare’s electronic medical record system.


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