TheMathCompany Launches First Exclusive Application Suite on Co.dx, targeting the CPG industry


TheMathCompany is pleased to announce the launch of its first, highly sophisticated application suite on Co.dx targeted towards the CPG industry. This nuanced application suite enables specific functions such as growth planning while ensuring revenue management optimization at all levels, including assortment, distribution, pricing, promotions, and marketing. Co.dx, a powerful AI/ML platform housing the company’s extensive solution blueprints, providing data scientists with analytical processes for hundreds of possible business problems in the CPG industry and the ability to self-learn and grow, is designed to be ready out of the box, keeping pace with shifting retail structures and evolving consumer behavior.

In short, TheMathCompany offers a versatile tool that assists project/product owners, data scientists, and business analysts in shortening the learning curve and in maximizing the efficiency of analytics initiatives.

Co.dx’s suite of ready-to-deploy applications utilizes state-of-the-art technologies to enable CPG companies to achieve double-digit growth and maximize return on investment. It achieves this goal by resolving long-standing issues faced by CPG companies, including the coordination of data sources, improving business process agility, and integrating applications into existing ecosystems.

Co.dx is abstracted from tackling industry-wide challenges to reduce time to value, and the CPG application suite focuses on standardizing processes and helping resolve key problems within the CPG industry, such as providing stakeholders with a holistic view into category performance.” – explained Anuj Krishna, Co-Founder and Head of Assets at TheMathCompany, adding – “With our proprietary contextualized AI algorithms designed to drive action, we help augment decisions and enable our clients to stay ahead of the competition. With newer opportunities, we expect to expand and build a range of application suites on Co.dx for other functional and industry verticals, ensuring rapid impact for enterprises,

TheMathCompany – recognized as India’s 2nd Growth Champion for 2021 by ET and Statista – is a modern, hybrid consulting firm that builds Custom AI Applications for Fortune 500 and equivalent companies. The company “incubated Co.dx for over 2 years and provided the needed guidance, resources and exposure to build Co.dx from the ground up.” This experience and the evaluation of real-world business challenges allowed TheMathCompany’s experts to create highly effective application suites, enabling collaborative growth planning while also ensuring optimization across primary levels of revenue management.

Co.dx allows its applications to be customized according to real-time business characteristics, allowing executives to develop short-term and long-term strategies and plans as well through actionable insights. Co.dx’s seamless integration and user-friendliness allow for accelerated decision-making, at scale.


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