The first enterprise scale real-time MLOps and DLOps platform presented by Abacus.AI



Abacus.AI presents the world’s first real-time end-to-end Machine Learning Operations and Deep Learning Operations platform . Operating at an enterprise scale, the Abacus.AI allows users to stream real-time events from click-stream data to readings from IoT sensors directly to the platform through a streaming API. The data is then processed and transformed to create and train deep learning models, allowing Abacus.AI to generate real-time contextual predictions.

All major social media platforms, search engines, video platforms, and applications rely heavily on real-time deep learning systems to increase viewer engagement and retention. The feedback loops allow these platforms to tailor their recommended content based on the user’s current preferences. Facebook, for instance, might bring up news articles with similar subjects to those the user has recently read, or provide comedy clips when the user is in the mood to laugh.

Using Abacus.AI, all companies can easily access large-scale, real-time enterprise AI systems. The data science teams may choose to train models by using the platform’s neural architecture search, or specify their models in popular frameworks like Pytorch and TensorFlow and let the AI platform handle the rest.

Abacus.AI keeps things simple, while also allowing users to execute and work with more advanced processes. The platform provides all components of an end-to-end AI service, such as the easy setup of data pipelines, model training, hosting, and monitoring, and many others. Equipped with an intuitive UI, Abacus.AI allows beginners to host simple ML models, while proficient ML users and data scientists may utilize APIs and build their own models through python code and SQL queries.

The deep-learning system opens up an array of possibilities including newsfeed personalization, natural language processing, e-commerce recommendations, predictive maintenance and safety systems.

Abacus.AI not only offers the alternative of utilizing user-owned models, but also the option to employ a use-case and dataset by the AI to develop custom deep-learning models.

Abacus.AI has invented a number of new neural architecture techniques, ensuring the optimal architecture for each individual deep-learning model.

Once trained, the models are easy to evaluate and re-train whenever a significant shift is detected. Abacus.AI monitors latency, traffic, errors and shifts of models in production. Facilitating the operation of these models.

Over 20,000 models have been trained to-date, by over 6000 customers.


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