Digital +1 Inaugural Issue announced by Former FBI Agent Jane Mason



Digital +1 launched on 17th August 2021, published by retired FBI special agent Jane Mason, in collaboration with the Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis, having as its target audience attorneys, investigators, law enforcement, and experts. The periodical focuses on debunking controversial digital and cyber subjects, aiming to grant a clearer understanding of matters reported by subject experts in the know.

Jane Mason is the CEO of the successful private investigation firm Secure Investigation d/b/a Office of Data Discovery Forensic Analysis, LLC. Founded in 2014, the company focuses on promoting professional teamwork and networking of former FBI special agents.

The inaugural issue of Digital +1 takes a look at the complex ethical and legal concerns of Apple’s announcement to search users’ iCloud images for child sexual abuse materials. According to Mason, this first issue is a product of the collaboration of a multinational team of doctors, lawyers, professors, IT experts, and an attorney advisor with the Public Safety and Homeland Security Bureau at the Federal Communications Commission – Charlene C. Goldfield. This issue discusses the potential violations of privacy and points out the danger of identifying unintended victims by the Apple policy.

Goldfield, who also teaches graduate courses for the Department of Public Policy, commented – “AI is revolutionary, but it also requires a level of human intervention. That is why there is still room for growth in understanding and learning about these types of algorithms because it can have some serious implications on an individual, including their privacy and civil liberties.”

Mason summarized Apple’s plan as follows – “It seems that Apple has reversed course and is beginning to act as an agent of the government in monitoring and reporting child abuse material.”

You may read this issue online, in print, and in audio format on the links below:

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