Eco-Friendly Cryptocurrency Mining: Sharemine AI



Sharemine AI, an eco-friendly cryptocurrency mining service provider, launches officially on 19. Aug. 2021. The company offers a broad range of green cryptocurrency mining services, aiming to make the mining process accessible to users of all capabilities.

Sharemine AI is based in Singapore and was established by Jimmy Li – founder and CEO – and Herbert Sim, known as “The Bitcoin Man”. The two have deep experience in the fields of blockchain, cryptocurrency investment, and digital currency. They both share the vision of making cryptocurrency mining more accessible to people of all backgrounds, regardless of available mining resources.

Mr. Jimmy Li, Founder and CEO of Sharemine AI, said, “As the name may suggest, Sharemine AI was founded with the intention of allowing the everyday person to enter the cryptocurrency industry through a safe and collective platform shared amongst users. Our ultimate aim is to lower the barriers of entry into the cryptocurrency pool for all, regardless of one’s previous experience with cryptocurrency and access to mining resources.”

Sharemine AI offers a wide range of mining options such as Filecoin, Phala and Swarm (BZZ), as well as Bitcoin and Ethereum. One of the more unique aspects of the platform is that it offers eco-friendly mining since it utilizes energy generated from hydro and solar power, making the platform not only a simple but also a sustainable solution to cryptocurrency mining.


Sharemine AI’s Chia mining service

Another particular feature of Sharemine AI is its Chia mining service through its network, Chia Cloud. This decentralized open-source global blockchain network uses a blockchain consensus algorithm called “Proof of Space and Time”, which makes it more sustainable than the “Proof of Work” algorithm, using up significantly less energy by utilizing hard disk space instead of computing power. The network allows users to mine for Chia tokens at a better advantageous cost, promising greater return on investment through the removal of mark-ups in price by middlemen. Sharemine AI’s service also eliminates the logistical aspects of mining and allows users to simply connect their devices to the network and mine for tokens from the comfort of their homes.

Chia mining is projected to be in the top five cryptocurrencies in the upcoming years. Sharemine AI is devoted to opening up the possibility to everyone to mine these top cryptocurrencies in a simple and affordable manner. Working with top reputable partners and suppliers like Alibaba, Huawei, and Seagate, the company is on its path to becoming the biggest mining pool in the world.


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