Cresta Announces New Vice President of Engineering and Product



Cresta announced the arrival of the new vice president of engineering and product Ping Wu, co-founder of Google’s Contact Center AI Solution. Wu’s experience with artificial intelligence solutions will allow the company to transform sales and service productivity, offering better value to remote customer interactions.

Cresta is a Real-Time Expertise AI provider to the enterprise. It increases productivity by implementing AI technology in sales and service processes. Working with world-renowned AI thought-leaders, engineers, and investors, Cresta promises to increase revenue and performance through the deployment of its Expertise AI platform.

Optimized remote customer interactions can increase topline revenues by up to 10-20%, according to an estimate by McKinsey. Contact centers with AI capabilities can achieve around 10 times lower service costs by learning top-performing service behaviors and implementing them using real-time assistance, which in turn improves operations’ efficiency, capacity, customer experience, satisfaction, and revenue.

“The market for contact centers and a better customer experience is heating up, as evidenced by Zoom’s acquisition of Five9 for $14 billion last month. And AI is core to driving a better experience,” said Zayd Enam, CEO and co-founder, Cresta. “We’re in the early innings of market momentum, and Ping is an all-star who will act as a force multiplier for our team and AI prowess as we execute on our mission to make everyone an expert on day one.”

Wu will be joining the company’s team of dedicated contact center AI experts. Wu is co-founder of Google’s Contact Center AI Solution; he was responsible for managing the development of numerous Conversational AI Products, such as Cloud Dialogflow and NLP & Speech.

“Joining Cresta was an easy decision,” said Ping Wu, vice president of engineering and product, Cresta. “I’ve built contact center AI solutions from the ground up, and have seen firsthand how much of an impact on a business’s bottom line it can have when deployed effectively. Joining this team of pedigreed technologists who share my passion for the technology will only superpower Cresta’s ability to increase customers’ revenue, boost their customer experience, reduce churn, and improve business results.”

“Customer experience is a top priority at Dropbox and Cresta’s real-time coaching for agents helps us ensure we deliver that consistently,” said Julia Shea, Head of Vendor Sales & SMB Assist at Dropbox. “Cresta greatly reduces our agent ramp time, helping new agents to provide maximum customer value fast and leading to increased CSAT and RPC.”


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