Quality Cancer Care Alliance Partners ConcertAI to Provide Better Access to Clinical Trials



The Quality Cancer Care Alliance Network (QCCA) partnered with ConcertAI, a market leader for Real-World Evidence (RWE) and enterprise AI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) technology solutions for precision oncology. As QCCA’s exclusive digital provider for digital clinical trials, ConcertAI will implement its Digital Trial Solutions into the network of 18 community-based oncology practices.

The first national deployment of an oncology-specific digital clinical trials technology platform will provide increased accessibility to critical clinical trials. The platform also offers end-to-end clinical trial support and is integrated into practice care management processes, facilitating clinical research for healthcare providers.

ConcertAI’s solution will provide QCCA practices with:

  • Access to a broad set of clinical trials from leading biopharma sponsors
  • Tools to identify and enroll patients in clinical trials faster
  • Enterprise-level clinical research software that integrates all practices
  • Digital study enablement solutions, integral to practice workflows

“In hard-to-treat cancers, clinical trials are increasingly a viable and important option for patients,” said Dr. Sibel Blau MD, CEO and President, QCCA. “Our partnership with ConcertAI will transform how we conduct clinical research and increase the number of high-value trials available in the community where patients live and have the greatest support.”

The partnership follows ConcertAI’s announcement of its collaboration with the US FDA and biopharmaceutical sponsors to expand the use of RWE in support of regulatory decisions. The platform enables prospective, patient-facing clinical research, delivering more treatment options to all QCCA practices’ cancer patients.

“Community provider participation in clinical research and community practice trial participation rates have historically been lower than other care settings,” said Dr. Mark Nelson, PharmD, Chief Business Development Officer, QCCA. “QCCA’s research mission is to broaden the practices engaged in research, to substantially increase the number of clinical trials available to these practices’ patients, and to achieve new levels of operational efficiency and effectiveness. This partnership is foundational to those goals.”

“ConcertAI’s goal with its Digital Trial Solution is to increase research capacity and capabilities at the community level, where 80% of patients receive their care,” stated Jeff Elton Ph.D., CEO, ConcertAI. “COVID-19 slowed critical medicines to cancer patients, and we are determined to help restart, rebuild, and expand clinical trials in oncology, hematology, and urology. Our partnership with QCCA is founded on years of engaging in successful research and now will include a focus on redefining how prospective clinical research is conducted in the community.”

ConcertAI’s Digital Trial Solutions are expected to be deployed this month with its first patients anticipated to enter clinical trials using the solution in late 2021.


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