Ibex Selected by India’s Dr. Lal PathLabs to Deliver AI-powered Cancer Diagnostics



Dr. Lal PathLabs, one of the largest chains of pathology labs in South East Asia, and Ibex Medical Analytics, the market leader in artificial intelligence (AI)-powered cancer diagnostics, today announced the first deployment in India of an AI platform that supports pathologists during routine cancer diagnosis and helps improve the quality and turnaround time of cancer tests.

Pathologists play a crucial role in the detection and diagnosis of disease, with their assessments vital in reaching correct treatment decisions by oncologists. However, a rise in cancer prevalence and advances in personalized medicine have resulted in growing diagnostic complexity, which significantly increases pathologists’ workloads. Today, as pathology labs are transitioning towards digital solutions, pathologists can implement AI-enhanced workflows to improve the quality and efficiency of cancer diagnosis, resulting in better patient care.

Ibex’s AI technology and Philips’ IntelliSite pathology solution demonstrated impressive performance across multiple clinical studies and in live clinical deployments in Europe and the United States. This partnership marks a continued journey to find the most innovative products that help patients and doctors.

“Ibex is committed to providing every patient with a precise, timely and personalized cancer diagnosis, made available by our AI technology that supports real-world needs from physicians,” said Stuart Shand, Chief Commercial Officer at Ibex Medical Analytics. “We are delighted to work together with Philips and Dr. Lal PathLabs to empower their pathologists to provide highly accurate and prompt diagnoses with a potential of directly impacting prognosis for patients. Artificial intelligence is becoming the new standard in cancer care, a vision embraced by our companies.”

Ibex transforms cancer diagnosis by harnessing artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies at an unprecedented scale. Ibex’s Galen platform helps pathologists improve the quality of cancer diagnosis, implement real-time quality control1, reduce diagnosis time and boost productivity2. The platform was recently granted Breakthrough Device Designation by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and is CE marked in Europe for breast and prostate cancer detection in multiple workflows. Galen has already demonstrated outstanding outcomes in clinical studies3,4, and has been deployed in labs worldwide where it is used as part of everyday clinical practice.

Dr. Lal PathLabs is a large histopathology processing centre with up-to 1400 surgical pathology samples a day translating to more than a million slides annually. Dr. Lal PathLabs was among the pioneers in adopting digital pathology in India by deploying Philips Intellisite Pathology Solutions (PIPS) which delivers WSI (Whole Slide Images) of high-resolution digitized pathology slides. We are amongst the first laboratories in the country to implement artificial intelligence in diagnostic pathology. By adding Ibex’s Galen platform, pathologists at Dr. Lal Pathlabs will benefit from automated, clinical-grade AI insights on multiple types of tissue, supporting quality diagnosis delivered on shorter turnaround times.

“This cutting-edge AI technology will help our pathologists quickly prioritise urgent cases and improve quality by adding an ‘AI review’,” said Dr. Reena Nakra, Principal Director Lab Management and Technical Excellence, Dr. Lal PathLabs Ltd. “These AI-generated insights include cancer heatmaps, tumour grading and measurement and streamlined reporting tools enabling a digital assistance to the oncopathologist.”