TIFIN Announces Magnifi Mentor, The First Conversational AI-Powered Assistant Designed For Investing



TIFIN, a fintech platform using artificial intelligence (AI) and investment-driven personalization to shape the future of investor experiences, announced the launch of their new Magnifi Mentor capability.

Now, investors using Magnifi, TIFIN’s investment marketplace, can leverage Mentor’s powerful conversational AI to help monitor portfolio activity, answer investment questions, provide real-time market analysis, discover new opportunities, and more. Delivered through a conversational chatbot-like experience, Mentor utilizes TIFIN’s data platform and individual portfolio holdings to understand individual circumstances and preferences to provide guidance on market events, watchlists, or possible adjustments to optimize investment outcomes. All this helps create a personalized experience that is the first of its kind in the world of investments and follows similar developments in the world of banking.

“At Magnifi we believe that investing is critical for financial freedom. However, we also believe that investing is made more complex than it needs to be. Magnifi aims to simplify and democratize investing intelligence so more people can achieve more,” said Dr. Vinay Nair, Founder, and CEO of TIFIN. “Mentor is the newest feature provided by Magnifi to help individuals make better investing decisions through real-time insights and analysis tailored to their unique needs. Mentor keeps an eye on portfolio and market action for you when you are busy with other aspects of your life. In these market conditions, this is a much-needed feature to help guide investors.”

The addition of Mentor follows a significant uptick in users on the platform. Magnifi has over 100,000 registered retail investors, and over 2,000 registered financial advisors who oversee over $500 billion in assets. While Magnifi displayed 1 million search results close to its first year anniversary in February 2021; it is now presenting approximately 2 million search results per week.

Alongside the launch of Mentor, Magnifi has hired former Meta FinTech and PayPal executive Jon Klaff as their first General Manager, Consumer.  Mr. Klaff will be responsible for driving user growth and engagement and making Magnifi a daily destination for individual investors seeking better tools and insights to power their investment strategies.

“Magnifi is fulfilling a real need for individual investors who, up to now, have been left to their own devices to research what’s best for their portfolios,” said Mr. Klaff. “This is an area ripe for disruption. The markets are volatile right now and retail investors are clamoring for more support to manage their risk while also identifying ways to steer their dollars toward investments aligned to their values. Magnifi is primed to fill this gap.”