Serge Dautrif of SynapsCore Wins Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Award



SynapsCore is a SaaS product for businesses looking for an innovative solution to manage their strategy, projects and operations. Its visionary leader, Serge Dautrif, has now been named in the 2022 Business Worldwide Magazine CEO Awards.

The Awards are a celebration of innovative, inspirational leaders from all over the world, across a wide range of sectors. Rather than focusing on the overall successes of a company as many other business awards do, here the focus is on the leaders at their helms – the CEOs and other C Suite executives who are fostering change in their related fields. The aim is to give worthy individuals the recognition they deserve, while inspiring others to achieve similar successes.

Serge Dautrif was the outright winner in his category, being named ‘Most Innovative CEO in the Digital Collaboration Platform Industry’.

The Fourth Economic Revolution, also referred to widely as Industry 4.0, is happening in a global context, as the world becomes more aware of the environmental and social limits of the modern economy. The way companies are managed has completely changed over recent years, and the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) methodology is now widely recognised as the management methodology favoured by modern businesses. Led by Serge Dautrif, SynapsCore is bringing this methodology to life in a brand-new way, enabling organisations to become more agile and aware in the process.

Since 2014, SynapsCore has offered a turnkey solution to help large companies understand and implement the OKR management system. This offer includes a revolutionary technology that uses the power of collective intelligence to identify opportunities, define priorities, align objectives, drive business plans. action and measure results. SynapsCore also offers a full range of customer success services (training and coaching) as well as strategy and transformation consulting services.

SynapsCore operates in various sectors and supports the General Management of many French and foreign companies such as Technip, Total, Air Liquide, Nespresso, Axa and Capgemini, to name a few.

Serge Dautrif has built an impressive career in strategy and transformation consulting. Trained as an engineer, he then studied at HarvardMIT and the Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy. To find out more about his work with SynapsCore, visit: