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LAVAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Slazzer for Windows/Mac/Linux is a desktop application that allows users to withdraw and remove the image, photos and pictures background, surroundings, locations, and sets from a prevalent number of photographs instantly. Users can simply drag and drop thousands of files at once and manage as per shot acquires carved out automatically. It credits and enable the users to use our API, Desktop software, or Plugins to download full-HD resolution images.

Diverse tools and APIs for enhanced user interference like WooCommerce Plugin, Slazzer Editor, Bulk Background Remover, Photoshop Plugin, API Documentation, On-premise, and Design Maker. The most recent update by Slazzer is the Slazzer infinity, which allows offline image processing. Most importantly, Slazzer is an artificial intelligence-powered program that uses machine learning methods to immediately obliterate the location, background, scene, and surroundings from any image in less than 5 seconds. 

Now, users can make NFTs using Slazzer and make money. A non-fungible token (NFT) is a digital asset that can be transferred, sold, or purchased digitally but cannot be touched. It can be a form of digital file like a picture, gif, music, art, etc. It can also be a meme like the “Disaster Girl,” which sold for a gigantic profit of $500k. With the recent development in Visual AI, Slazzer has developed a proprietary algorithm to make complex tech easy and comfortable. From freelancers or individuals to small businesses to Fortune 500 companies, everyone is starting to notice the power of our background removal software.

With Slazzer folks shall be able to get precise cut-outs powered by artificial intelligence. This astonishing step has sparked the editing and photo editing industry. This can be used to edit product photos, portraits, or anything else. Even hair and other difficult conditions, such as curved edges, are handled perfectly. The story doesn’t end here, now people can use the same parameters across all files. Whether small or large images are a concern, transparent backgrounds, or colored ones, everyone can have complete control over them. It boosts the efficiency and replaces background from multiple images to get thousands of AI-powered cutouts for all the design needs.

Slazzer is the best resolution for automatic background removal at the most useful accuracy and price. Removing the backgrounds of an image has been a major issue for a long time, but not anymore. Slazzer’s products are made for the new digital world. Its AI is the power that is needed to excel in design and can be used by every single person and business online. The possibilities are endless with Slazzer.