Elisa will take charge of a part of Aktia’s IT and network management services


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Aktia Bank Plc / Elisa Plc
Press release
To be published: 23 May 2023 at 9.15 a.m.

Elisa will take charge of a part of Aktia’s IT and network management services

Aktia Bank Plc and Elisa Plc have signed an agreement for a long-term partnership, through which Elisa will take charge of a part of Aktia’s IT and network management services. The agreement will take effect on 1 June 2023, and it has been drawn up for the next five years, after which it can be extended. The cooperation supports Aktia’s strategic goal of being the leading wealth manager bank in Finland.

Through the agreement 22 work assignments within Aktia’s IT and network management services will be transferred to Elisa. The experts in charge of these duties will in connection with the business transfer be transferred as old employees to Elisa Plc as of 1 June 2023.

“The partnership with Elisa forms part of the implementation of Aktia’s IT strategy. It secures the availability and competence of IT personnel and ensures for its part that Aktia’s services will comply with the tightening regulation and risk management demands in the finance sector. The aim of the partnership now initiated is to improve the availability, continuity and stability of Aktia’s IT services, and to develop the service production in order to better meet Aktia’s current and future needs”, says Sari Leppänen, Chief Information Officer at Aktia.

When selecting a partner, the emphasis was on Elisa’s competence and experience of corresponding partnerships as a pioneer in the IT industry.

“Actors in the finance sector are like Elisa socially critical actors, which makes our cooperation with Aktia natural. As Aktia’s long-term 5G subscription partner we will take charge of the company’s IT and network management services as a whole and ensure the functioning of the services in the best way possible both now and going forward. Elisa is a dynamic Finnish pioneer within IT with strengths in data security, artificial intelligence and automation. By transferring IT and network management services to Elisa Aktia will be able to concentrate more on its core competence in its operations”, says Timo Katajisto, Executive Vice President, Corporate Customers at Elisa Plc.

Further information:

Aktia Communications, tel. +358 50 346 0640, [email protected]

Elisa Communications, tel. +358 50 305 1605, [email protected]

Aktia is a Finnish asset manager, bank and life insurer that has been creating wealth and wellbeing from one generation to the next already for 200 years. We serve our customers in digital channels everywhere and face-to-face in our offices in the Helsinki, Turku, Tampere, Vaasa and Oulu regions. Our award-winning asset management business sells investment funds also internationally. We employ approximately 900 people around Finland. Aktia’s assets under management (AuM) 31 December 2022 amounted to EUR 13.5 billion and the balance sheet total was EUR 12.4 billion. Aktia’s shares are listed on Nasdaq Helsinki Ltd (AKTIA). aktia.com

Elisa’s mission is a sustainable future through digitalisation. We are a pioneer in telecommunications and digital services, and in 5G. We provide sustainable solutions for over 2.8 million consumer, corporate and public administration customers in our core markets of Finland and Estonia, as well as in over 100 countries internationally. In Finland, Elisa is a market leader in telecommunications, and our international cooperation partners include e.g. Vodafone and Tele2. Elisa is listed on the Nasdaq Helsinki. In 2022, our revenue was EUR 2.1 billion and we employed 5,600 people in more than 20 countries. Elisa is a carbon-neutral company. elisa.com