Veeva Introduces Link Workflow, a No-Code Platform for Building Custom Workflow Applications



2023 Veeva Commercial Summit, North America — Veeva Systems (NYSE: VEEV) today announced the availability of Veeva Link Workflow, a no-code platform to build custom workflow applications on Veeva Link real-time data.

Process owners can easily define workflows with objectives, events, and tasks on Link data including key opinion leaders, key accounts, clinical trials, and research sites. Reports and dashboards provide process visibility while granular security and audit trails assure control and compliance.

“Many critical processes in life sciences live outside of established application boundaries and are managed in spreadsheets and email,” said Kilian Weiss, general manager of Veeva Link. “Link Workflow provides a foundation to drive more organized and connected execution across clinical and commercial.”

Veeva Link is a family of connected data applications for real-time intelligence that includes Link Key People, Link Key Accounts, Link Scientific Awareness, Link Medical Insights, Link SiteBase, and Link TrialBase. Customers can build custom workflows on Link data using the Link Workflow no-code platform.

Link is a part of Veeva Commercial Cloud, a family of software, data, and services to advance commercial excellence in life sciences. Veeva also announced significant innovations across Commercial Cloud including Vault CRM, the next generation of CRM including new CRM Bot and Service Center applications.