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Artificial Intelligence

Canon Invites Enterprises to “AI-GEN at Work”




The globe has entered an age abounding in innovative ideas, in which people are more open to state-of-the-art technologies regardless of generation. Our society encompassing Generation X to Z shares the adventurous spirit which drives them to explore contemporary methods for streamlining daily practices. AI, being a powerful tool for workplace transformation, has prevailed across industries. Solutions and devices leverage existing resources and automate workflow with intelligence beyond senseless operation, leading to unprecedented improvements in this day and age.

Canon Hong Kong hosted “AI-GEN at Work” at Hyatt Regency Hong Kong, Tsim Sha Tsui to introduce enterprises with top-notch solutions incorporating AI and other advanced technologies, inspiring cutting-edge workplaces in this era.

“Machine intelligence is in the limelight worldwide. Generative AI, in particular, has brought us revolutionary changes in the workplace with its astonishing capability”, said Mr. Ozawa Kazuhiro, President and CEO of Canon Hongkong. “Enterprises’ masterful use of the breakthrough technology at work could push productivity to another level with process automation, which spares time for workers to cope with more challenging tasks. This is especially needed at a time of shortage of workforce and pressure on operating costs.”

Canon Hongkong has provided countless solutions to business partners from various industries across generations. Mr. Philip Chan, Senior Director and General Manager of Business Imaging Solution & Production Printing Group, Canon Hong Kong added, “The younger generations have grown up in a digital age and are familiar with technology. They are keen to find innovative ways to work smarter and accomplish more in less time.  AI is streamlining data analysis and decision making.  The AI-Gen professionals tend to value collaboration and teamwork that technology provides to build high performance team with high employee satisfaction.

AI & Robotics Automate Daily Practices

Real-time processing plays a vital role in the fast-paced business landscape, especially in handling complex and time-consuming documents. Canon’s all-purpose document management solution – Antelope Enterprise brings along an intelligent AI assistant, Antelope Genie, to offer ultra-efficient analysis in both data and text files.  The latest plug-in does not simply summarize paragraphs immediately, it can also analyze data in multiple documents in one go by receiving a job role and appropriate instructions. For instance, sales reports accumulated for years can be instantly analyzed from the point of view of a business development manager, a data scientist or a sales manager. The smart AI tool can also act as other roles in a company and suggest relevant keywords to be hashtags of the document, allowing more diverse ways of categorization. The simultaneous responses with different perspectives taken into consideration bring document management in Antelope Enterprise to the next level.

To enhance contract lifecycle management for enterprises, Canon’s AI Contract is a critical tool. It enables high-level contract analysis and comparison within minutes, empowered with advanced natural language processing (NLP). Intelligent AI acquaints itself with abundant legal concepts to conduct speedy comparisons between contracts, and remarks on the points to be noted, facilitating the approval procedure. The entire process is carried out one-stop with our AI Contract, which eventually boosts productivity by streamlining one of the most often business practices.

A key edge of robots is significantly time-saving by eliminating manual work. Canon’s most recent solution — Kofax RPA enhances efficiency remarkably by automating mundane processes with numerous smart robots, all of which are carefully managed with the industry-recognized Version Control System (VCS). Monthly payment and salary calculation are greatly facilitated with coordinated robots dealing with data analysis and settlement. HR’s compulsory task of managing employee attendance records, as a case in point, could be very much simplified with Kofax RPA processes from summarizing card reader data to uploading the files to a payroll system. Tasks are eventually speeded up with highly accurate outcomes with the least manual operation.

Kofax RPA, moreover, accelerates business processes further with cognitive document automation (CDA). Unstructured information scattered in files and emails is first interpreted by the trainable AI-based intelligence, which understands the information given and takes consecutive steps without further instructions. The advanced machine learning ability pushes process automation in enterprises to the next level by automatically summarizing and proceeding hundreds and thousands of emails every day.

Trouble-free Virtual Collaboration

Hybrid working is still prevalent in the post-pandemic period. Canon offers our comprehensive information management system, Therefore™ Online, facilitating co-working in a virtual environment. Digital documents are tidily categorized with unified indexing rules in the system. Merging with tailor-made workflows, office workers could retrieve the designated file at first glance and pass the task to another colleague located elsewhere with a click.

As documents are passing back and forth in the system, Therefore™ Online offers a highly secure environment accepted internationally. Complying with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA), Victorian Electronic Records Strategy (VERS), and more industry-recognized standards worldwide, Therefore™ Online safeguards information during frequent document transmission. The risks of data leakage are largely eliminated in such a platform with renowned security.

Document editing is certainly a notable part of daily practices which should be done without any difficulties in an efficient workplace. Therefore™ Online has a standard plug-in with Microsoft Office, allowing users to be auto-directed to common editing tools such as Word and Excel. Authoritative e-signature services are also accessible in our system, in which enterprises can have contracts signed instantly with legally binding e-signs offered by well-known providers. Compulsory tasks like staff employment and deals of accounts payable are cleared in a moment, with practical software incorporated into our sophisticated cloud system.

Smart Workplace with Top-notched Camera

Business in the present time has been transforming with workplace technology since the pandemic. Canon’s Smart Workplace solution leverages contactless technology spotlighting in the workplace to enhance security management further.  Being one of the core components of the solution, our Door Access System uses face recognition technology to identify users before granting access. Staff and authorized visitors can enter the premises simply by standing in front of the terminal for a second without taking their masks off. Not only does it reduce the security force required, but also gives the best impression to workers and guests by providing them with an intelligent and hygienic check-in experience.

Utilizing technology for co-working is also of practical necessity when diverse work modes have been incorporated into the modern workplace. Some industries have adopted resource-sharing policies for cost reduction since remote work has become ever prevalent. For instance, bank and insurance agents may share seats in the office. Canon’s Smart Workplace caters for resource management by offering a user-friendly facilities booking solution, allowing users to book rooms and desks anywhere with just a smartphone and supports check-in and check-out with QR code, PIN and HID. The facilities booking system, therefore, is enterprises’ best assistant to manage shared resources.

A video solution is another essential for enterprises since the global network has been expanding given the trend of distance work. Canon’s live broadcasting solution and service adopting our 4K CR-N cameras with 60 fps is certainly the top choice to provide both a high-quality visual and an interactive experience. CR-N series is our signature remote camera series having excellent low-light performance with a 1.0 CMOS sensor. Apart from giving high-resolution output, its wide-angle feature and high magnification ratio with optical zoom of up to 15x and advanced zoom of up to 30x suit shooting needs largely under different circumstances. The camera, meanwhile, also offers auto-tracking to focus on a specific actor better when filming. Our live broadcasting solution and service simultaneously offers various tools to engage viewers including live chat, interactive Q&A sessions, and instant feedback. The dual offer combining advanced video quality and extensive online communication is widely appliable across industries, ranging from cross-border business conferences to governmental public announcements. Canon’s broadcasting solution is hence a universal tool that upgrades communication in a virtual environment, suitable for all kinds of workplaces.

Canon’s Smart Surveillance combines robust surveillance technology with a video analytics solution to strengthen security, and extend its usage further to conduct effective marketing analysis. To prevent theft and all kinds of illegal invasion, a light or audio alert will be triggered promptly alongside a  real-time notification whenever an unauthorized person is detected in the office, bringing immediate attention to the security members. Apart from sending our security alert timely, our smart surveillance is also applicable to customer behavior analysis as equipped with face recognition and heat mapping technology.  By identifying the movement of customers in the shopping area, companies can understand the customers’ demographic and can be utilized to improve sales strategy. Our Smart Surveillance explores benefits beyond safety when constantly monitoring a workplace, which enhances both workplace security and strategic planning.

Fully Draw on Device Capabilities

A multi-function device (MFD) could be fully utilized with an all-rounded solution creating a secure and cost-saving printing environment. Our signature solution for MFD – uniFLOW Online features multiple authentication methods, ranging from ID cards to highly accurate face recognition technology. All functions remain inaccessible until the user is successfully identified. Print and scan data is also encrypted when being sent out with our intelligent client software, SmartClient. Information is safeguarded throughout the printing cycle with numerous authentication options and encrypted data transmission. While cost management is in no way less crucial compared to security, uniFLOW Online also offers comprehensive reports on the uniFLOW Online Portal. User activities, device usage and departmental data are all observable on the portal, on which accurate numbers and colorful charts are available. The all-in-one solution consisting of various features agreeing on data safety and budgeting is the best tool to build a workplace with effective print management.

Connection to cloud destinations is a common demand among enterprises as well. In view of the significant requirement, Canon launched the Cloud Connector which seamlessly links print and scan jobs with the most popular cloud platforms. Users can directly print from or scan to online services such as Microsoft OneDrive, Teams, SharePoint Online and other prevailing cloud services every time. Its prior setup remain simple which enable enterprises to synchronize data on the cloud without any IT manpower.  Meanwhile, the connector is hosted in Microsoft Azure data centers using 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) encryption across the globe, safeguarding business information worldwide. Our Cloud Connector joins print and scan jobs with plenty of cloud destinations in a convenient yet secure manner.

When it comes to cost management, many industries have found contactless mobile payment favorable because of its incomparable convenience. To fulfill the market demand, Canon presents PayLink – an on-demand payment solution supporting cashless transactions in diverse ways. All mainstream e-payment platforms, namely Octopus card, AlipayHK and WeChat Pay are applicable to our advanced MFD solution. The payment could be done in the blink of an eye, by tapping the Octopus card on a Mini-MOP (Multipurpose Octopus Processor) or scanning the QR code generated on Canon’s MFD. Each transaction is precisely noted in our real-time report for better cost management. PayLink is no doubt the best option for budget control, which at the same time offers extensive flexibility.

Boundless Creativity with Colors

Stunning visual in reality is of equal importance to digital graphics or videos for effective advertising. Canon’s PANTONE™ calibrated imagePROGRAF GP series visualizes pictures on each paper accurately by the PANTONE PASTEL & NEON GUIDE Coated, which helps to beautifully display graphic designs on physical media. The large-format printer covers an ultra-wide gamut with 11 colors to produce attractive promotional materials, in which the world’s first aqueous pigment fluorescent ink is particularly impactful in creating eye-catching hardcopies. Furthermore, it forms a perfect combination with our PosterArtist application providing numerous templates for flyers, menus and certificates to present aesthetic prints with vibrant colors effortlessly. The amalgam of the certified printer and the comprehensive application hence produces attention-grabbing visuals without equal.

Artificial Intelligence

Aurionpro Solutions acquires, to power next generation Enterprise AI platforms for Financial Institutions



SINGAPORE, April 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Aurionpro Solutions Limited (BSE: 532668) (NSE: AURIONPRO) announces the acquisition of Banking and Insurance focused PaaS startup, With, Aurionpro will enhance its portfolio of enterprise fintech offerings to expedite adoption of AI that is responsible, accurate, and auditable.

Aurionpro Solutions Ltd. will acquire a majority stake (67%) in This acquisition will bring products and expertise in Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Intelligent Automation, PaaS, Autonomous AI Platforms, and more, to complement and strengthen Aurionpro’s industry leading portfolio.
The transaction comprises acquisition of shares held by the existing shareholders and subscription of new equity capital in the company. This will be an all-cash deal. The aggregate investment including  secondary acquisition and fund infusion is approximately 16.5 MN USD.
By integrating’s cutting-edge AI cloud platform, with Aurionpro’s comprehensive suite of offerings, the company will create an industry leading Enterprise AI platform focused on creating value for financial institutions globally. 
Commenting on the acquisition, Ashish Rai, CEO of Aurionpro Solutions, stated, “The acquisition of marries Aurionpro’s portfolio of industry leading enterprise software with one of the most mature Enterprise AI platforms focused on Banks and Insurers. We are incredibly excited about working with and our wider ecosystem partners to build out the leading Enterprise AI platform, for the financial industry worldwide.”
“Our decade long experience in building tools/platform for deep learning helped us to build a truly verticalized AI Operating System for Banking and Insurance.” Says Vinay Kumar CEO/Founder of “Together with Aurionpro, we are going to build a new generation of Enterprise AI software for Banks and Insurers that truly embeds AI, augmenting a task or Autonomous Agents that can take over entire transactions”. 
Founded in 2013 by Vinay Kumar and Deekshith Marla, has been one of the first ‘AI’ startups to use Deep Learning and deploy in enterprises.’s BFSI PaaS offerings include Arya API with 80+ ML models, Libra for fine-tuning SOTA ML models, and AryaXAI for AI governance.
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Artificial Intelligence

Free Your Hands, QIDI Vida Smart AR Glasses Lead the Way in New Sports Experience.




NEW YORK, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Outdoor smart AR glasses, QIDI Vida, will officially launch on 23rd April on the Kickstarter platform.  QIDI Vida integrates the many functions of smart watches, sports headphones, cycling computers, heart rate monitors, and walkie-talkies using AR+AI technology, allowing users to bid farewell to cumbersome device management and enjoy outdoor sports anytime, anywhere with just one pair of glasses.

QIDI Vida uses high-tech HUD (Head-Up Display) which is similar to the technology used for aircrafts and premium cars and introduces it to the sports industry. Users can activate the HUD function at any time using voice control, enabling them to focus on the route ahead whilst simultaneously having access to information such as navigation, speed, heart rate, power and cadence, among other metrics. Another great function of the QIDI Vida is that users can also enjoy audiovisual entertainment through the optically perceived 100-inch AR  HUD screen, when having some down time. 
As cyclists and hikers often travel in groups, QIDI Vida supports eSIM and team functionality, allowing real-time voice communication without releasing handlebars, and users can monitor their groups’ real-time locations. The glasses also have comprehensive sensing and monitoring capabilities including temperature, humidity, UV, air pressure, geomagnetism and acceleration. In addition to obtaining environmental and health information, it also features health warnings such as altitude sickness symptoms and high heart rate, as well as fall and collision detection functions. And, in the event of danger, it can send distress signals to teammates.
QIDI Vida has a global voice recognition and interaction feature that allows you to control all functions within the device by voice. To better provide users with an immersive sports experience, QIDI Vida’s intelligent system will have the capability to instantly gather personalised sports data, enabling it to deliver timely voice alerts and broadcasts, including the duration of exercise, distance, the environment and the weather – all tailored to the user’s preferences.
QIDI Vida enables voice-controlled photos and video recordings, allowing users to capture moments whilst cycling or hiking without the need to stop. QIDI Vida supports connections with common cycling smart hardware such as Garmin, Wahoo, Apple, and Samsung, supports GPX route files, and is compatible with professional sports apps such as Strava, Keep, Zwift, Apple Health, and All Trails.
QIDI Vida stands out for its lightweight and comfortable design with a dual lens for a full-colour data display, unlike competing AR glasses that typically have a single lens and limited colour. This innovation significantly enhances and augments the user’s sports and reality experience.
QIDI Vida will launch on the Kickstarter platform:
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Artificial Intelligence

Risk Analytics Market worth $180.9 billion by 2029 – Exclusive Report by MarketsandMarkets™




CHICAGO, April 19, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The growing use of real-time monitoring and advanced analytics, integration with cutting-edge technologies like blockchain and IoT, and an emphasis on cybersecurity, cross-industry applications, and regulatory compliance are the key factors that will shape the risk analytics market in the future. The market’s development will also be influenced by collaborative risk management, improved user experience, and an increasing focus on ESG factors and risk culture.

The Risk Analytics Market is estimated to grow from USD 59.7 billion in 2024 to USD 180.9 billion in 2029, at a CAGR of 24.8% during the forecast period, according to a new report by MarketsandMarkets™.  Several trends fuel the global spread of Risk Analytics. Increasingly Increasing Data Complexity, Rising Cybersecurity Threats and Rising Adoption of Cloud-Based Solutions A growing talent pool of data scientists and engineers is building the necessary tools and infrastructure. Governments are recognizing the potential of risk analytics for economic growth and are investing in research and development. These trends make DI more accessible and valuable, leading to its global adoption.
Browse in-depth TOC on “Risk Analytics Market”260 – Tables 60 – Figures350 – Pages
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Scope of the Report
Report Metrics
Market size available for years
Base year considered
Forecast period
Forecast units
USD Billion
Segments Covered
Offering,Risk Type, Risk stages, Vertical, and Region.
Geographies covered
North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America
Companies covered
IBM (US), SAS Institute (US), Oracle (US), FIS(US), Moody’s Analytics (US), ProcessUnity(US), ServiceNow (US), Marsh (US), Aon (UK), MetricStream (US), Resolver (Canada), SAP (Germany), Milliman(US), LogicManager(US), Provenir(US), SAI360(US), Deloitte(UK), OneTrust(US), Diligent(US), Alteryx(US), CRISIL(India), Archer(US), ZestyAI(US), Fusion Risk Management(US), RiskVille(Ireland), SPIN Analytics(UK), Kyvos Insights(US), Imperva(US), Cirium(UK), Quantexa(UK), ClickUp(US), Sprinto(US), Ventiv(US), Adenza(US), Centrl.AI(Canada), SafetyCulture(Australia), Quantifi(US), CubeLogic(UK), Onspring(US), Riskoptics(US)
By offering the services segment to account for higher CAGR during the forecast period
In the Risk Analytics Market, the highest CAGR of services is fueled by Increasing Complexity of Risks, AI and machine learning advancements, big data analytics integration, business process optimization, cloud-based solutions adoption, data-driven culture, and diverse industry adoption. These trends reflect a global shift towards leveraging data for competitive advantage, driving a continuous need for sophisticated risk analytics services across sectors. As businesses prioritize agility, the growth of services in the Risk Analytics Market is driven by the need for effective risk management strategies in an increasingly complex and uncertain business environment.
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By Type, GRC software is expected to hold the largest market size for the year 2024
GRC software typically offers comprehensive solutions that cover a wide range of risk management needs, including compliance management, policy management, audit management, and risk assessment. They also provide organizations with enhanced visibility into their risk landscape. Through features such as risk assessment, risk monitoring, and reporting, organizations can identify and prioritize risks more effectively, enabling proactive risk management strategies.  GRC software streamlines risk management processes through automation, reducing manual effort and increasing efficiency. Tasks such as risk assessments, control testing, and incident management can be automated, freeing up resources to focus on strategic risk mitigation efforts. the combination of comprehensive functionality, regulatory compliance support, efficiency gains, scalability, integration capabilities, and culture enhancement makes GRC software a preferred choice for many organizations seeking to manage risk effectively.
By Vertical, Healthcare & Life Sciences is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period
The Healthcare and Lifesciences is experiencing a surge in the adoption of risk analytics due to a confluence of factors. Healthcare providers and life sciences companies wants to ensure the safety and well-being of patients. Risk analytics helps in identifying potential risks to patient safety, such as medication errors, adverse events, and medical device failures. The healthcare and life sciences industries are heavily regulated, with strict guidelines for patient care, data privacy, drug development, and clinical trials. Risk analytics helps organizations ensure compliance with these regulations by identifying and mitigating risks of non-compliance.  Healthcare organizations and life sciences companies also face financial risks associated with fraud, billing errors, revenue cycle management, and reimbursement challenges. Risk analytics helps in detecting anomalies and optimizing financial processes to mitigate these risks.
Asia Pacific is expected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period
The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region is experiencing rapid growth in the Risk Analytics Market, boasting the highest Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR). This surge is primarily attributed to rising demand for data-driven decision-making solutions, expanding digital transformation initiatives across industries.. Moreover, the region’s favorable regulatory environment, growing investments in big data analytics, and the integration of advanced technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT) further propel APAC’s dominance in Risk Analytics Market growth.
Top Key Companies in Risk Analytics Market:
The major risk analytics software and service providers include IBM (US), SAS Institute (US), Oracle (US), FIS(US), Moody’s Analytics (US), ProcessUnity(US), ServiceNow (US), Marsh (US), Aon (UK), MetricStream (US), Resolver (Canada), SAP (Germany), Milliman(US), LogicManager(US), Provenir(US), SAI360(US), Deloitte(UK), OneTrust(US), Diligent(US), Alteryx(US), CRISIL(India), Archer(US), ZestyAI(US), Fusion Risk Management(US), RiskVille(Ireland), SPIN Analytics(UK), Kyvos Insights(US), Imperva(US), Cirium(UK), Quantexa(UK), ClickUp(US), Sprinto(US), Ventiv(US), Adenza(US), Centrl.AI(Canada), SafetyCulture(Australia), Quantifi(US), CubeLogic(UK), Onspring(US), Riskoptics(US). These companies have used both organic and inorganic growth strategies such as product launches, acquisitions, and partnerships to strengthen their position in the Risk Analytics Market.
Recent Developments:
In March 2024, Orcale announced Oracle Risk Management Cloud in Release 24B. It offers comprehensive solution designed to help organizations identify, assess, and mitigate risks across their business operations. It offers advanced analytics, automation, and collaboration tools to streamline risk management.In March 2024, FIS Global announces card fraud detection capabilities leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) with aim to bolster FIS’s ability to identify and prevent fraudulent transactions, providing greater security for cardholders and financial institutions alike.In March 2024, Aon acquired an AI-powered platform to assist fleet and mobility clients in making data-driven decisions, enhancing operational efficiency and risk management. The platform utilizes artificial intelligence to analyze data and provide insights, enabling clients to optimize their fleet operations and improve decision-making processes.In March 2024, Crisp joined Resolver, with the aim to enhance Resolver’s risk intelligence capabilities by integrating Crisp’s expertise and technology into its platform, offering clients improved risk assessment and mitigation tools.In February 2024, SAS partnered with Carahsoft to bring analytics, AI, and data management solutions to the public sector. The aim is to leverage SAS’s expertise in advanced analytics and Carahsoft’s extensive government market reach to offer tailored solutions that enable public sector organizations to harness the power of data for informed decision-making and improved outcomes.Inquire Before Buying@
Risk Analytics Market Advantages:
By offering insights into potential risks, opportunities, and trends, risk analytics helps organisations make data-driven decisions that improve strategic planning and resource allocation.In order to improve risk management procedures and lessen exposure to possible threats, risk analytics solutions assist businesses in identifying, evaluating, and mitigating risks across a range of business activities, including finance, operations, and compliance.Through real-time monitoring and anomaly detection made possible by risk analytics, organisations may proactively address shifting market situations, legal requirements, and cybersecurity threats.Risk analytics solutions assist organisations lower operating costs, increase productivity, and streamline compliance activities, which results in cost savings and resource optimisation. They do this by streamlining risk management procedures and automating routine work.Accurate risk assessments, audit trails, and reporting capabilities are just a few of the ways that risk analytics solutions help organisations comply with regulations and stay out of trouble.Organisations can enhance their resilience and competitiveness by anticipating and mitigating potential hazards before they materialise through the use of predictive modelling and advanced analytics approaches in risk analytics.Report Objectives
To define, describe, and predict the Risk Analytics Market by offering, risk type, risk stages, vertical, and regionTo provide detailed information about the major factors (drivers, restraints, opportunities, and challenges) influencing the market growthTo analyze the opportunities in the market and provide details of the competitive landscape for stakeholders and market leadersTo forecast the market size of segments with respect to five main regions: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin AmericaTo profile the key players and comprehensively analyze their market rankings and core competenciesTo analyze the competitive developments, such as partnerships, product launches, and mergers & acquisitions, in the Risk Analytics MarketBrowse Adjacent Markets: Analytics Market Research Reports & Consulting
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