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AI Safety: UK and US sign landmark agreement





The UK and US have signed a landmark deal to work together on testing advanced artificial intelligence (AI).

The agreement signed on Monday says both countries will work together on developing “robust” methods for evaluating the safety of AI tools and the systems that underpin them.

It is the first bilateral agreement of its kind.

UK tech minister Michelle Donelan said it is “the defining technology challenge of our generation”.

“We have always been clear that ensuring the safe development of AI is a shared global issue,” she said. “Only by working together can we address the technology’s risks head on and harness its enormous potential to help us all live easier and healthier lives.”

The secretary of state for science, innovation and technology added that the agreement builds upon commitments made at the AI Safety Summit held in Bletchley Park in November 2023.

The event, attended by AI bosses including OpenAI’s Sam Altman, Google DeepMind’s Demis Hassabis and tech billionaire Elon Musk, saw both the UK and US create AI Safety Institutes which aim to evaluate open and closed-source AI systems.

While things have felt quiet on the AI safety front since the summit, the AI sector itself has been extremely busy.

Competition between the biggest AI chatbots – such as ChatGPT, Gemini, Claude – remains ferocious.

So far the almost exclusively US-based firms behind all of this activity are still cooperating with the concept of regulation, but regulators have yet to curtail anything these companies are trying to achieve.

Similarly, regulators have not demanded access to information the AI firms are unwilling to share, such as the data used to train their tools orthe environmental cost of running them.

TheEU’s AI Act is on its way to becoming law and once it takes effect it will require developers of certain AI systems to be upfront about their risks and share information about data used.

This is important, after OpenAIrecently saidit would not release a voice cloning tool it developed due to “serious risks” the tech presents, particularly in an election year.
In January, a fake, AI-generated robocall claiming to be from US President Joe Biden urged voters to skip a primary election in New Hampshire.

Currently in the US and UK, AI firms are mostly regulating themselves.

Should we fear an attack of the voice clones?

AI concerns

Currently, the majority of AI systems are only capable of performing single, intelligent tasks that would usually be completed by a human.

Known as “narrow” AI, these tasks can range from quickly analysing data or providing a desired response to a prompt.

But there are fears that more intelligent “general” AI tools – capable of completing a range of tasks usually performed by humans – could endanger humanity.

What is AI, how does it work and is it dangerous?

“AI, like chemical science, nuclear science, and biological science, can be weaponised and used for good or ill,” Prof Sir Nigel Shadbolt told the BBC’s Today programme. But the University of Oxford professor said fears around AI’s existential risk “are sometimes a bit overblown”. “We’ve got to be really supportive and appreciative of efforts to get great AI powers thinking about and researching what the dangers are,” he said.

“We need to understand just how susceptible these models are, and also how powerful they are.”

Gina Raimondo, the US commerce secretary, said the agreement will give the governments a better understanding of AI systems, which will allow them to give better guidance. “It will accelerate both of our Institutes’ work across the full spectrum of risks, whether to our national security or to our broader society,” she said. “Our partnership makes clear that we aren’t running away from these concerns – we’re running at them.”


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Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA Expand Global Coverage




Eddid Financial (“the Group”) announces that its intelligent trading application Eddid ONE and the premier US stock trading application Eddid ONE USA* have expanded their global coverage to 22 countries and regions. The apps are now officially launched on Google Play and App Store in respective markets, providing clients with advanced and convenient proprietary intelligent services.
The apps are now available in 22 key global markets across six continents, including Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Taiwan and Japan. Going forward, expansion plans are in place to reach additional emerging markets as the Group continues building out its global network.
Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA* have long been favored by the market for their clean interface and versatile functions. Specifically, Eddid ONE includes AI assistants in addition to real-time market data, proprietary trading strategies, research reports etc., but also come with AI assistants. Utilizing big data and AI technologies, the assistants provide personalized intelligent services, including predicting market trends and target stock prices to cater to diverse investor needs.
Clients can now keep abreast of the latest global market developments anytime, anywhere by using Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA*. This allows them to enjoy the Group’s one-stop proprietary intelligent trading services no matter where they are. Going forward, Eddid Financial will continue leveraging its leadership in fintech innovation to further enhance Eddid ONE and Eddid ONE USA*, with the commitment to deliver an even more comprehensive, efficient and secure financial services experience.
* *Always consider the risks when investing.
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Gcore Recognised as Highly Commended in the Industry Innovator Category at the EMEA NVIDIA Partner Network Awards




Gcore, the global edge AI, cloud, network, and security solutions provider, today announced its recognition as ‘Highly Commended’ in the Industry Innovation category at the NVIDIA Partner Network Awards EMEA 2024 for its groundbreaking Speech-to-Text Translator.
The NVIDIA Partner Network Awards celebrate the exceptional contributions of partners exhibiting outstanding efforts, unwavering commitment, and innovative spirit in accelerated computing and AI. The Industry Innovation Award recognises partners who have spearheaded transformation within a specific industry or field.
Gcore used artificial intelligence to launch the first advanced machine learning model for speech-to-text translation from English to Luxembourgish. The model can be used to translate entire recordings for various mediums, including theatre, film, or music, from English into Luxembourgish text – for example, in the form of film subtitles.
Gcore is currently working on enabling real-time translations for use during conferences and events. The company’s future plans also include adding other commonly used languages in Luxembourg, such as French and German, to the translation tool, making speech-to-text translation a key mode of cross-language communication.Speech-to-Text Translator is part of Gcore’s state-of-the-art edge AI solutions, which also include GPU Cloud for AI training and Inference at the Edge for AI inference, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs.
Commenting on the award, Andre Reitenbach, CEO of Gcore, said: “We are delighted to receive this recognition from the NVIDIA Partner Network. Aware of the growing demand from the Luxembourgish public, expats, and local businesses for translation from English to Luxembourgish, Gcore is committed to making communication seamless and efficient. Our groundbreaking AI app for speech recognition sets a new standard, demonstrating our leadership in edge AI services. We are honoured to be acknowledged by the NVIDIA Partner Network for our innovative contribution to the AI landscape.”
“AI fosters communication and connection through its ability to translate across languages,” said Dirk Barfuss, Director of EMEA Channel at NVIDIA. “Gcore is recognized as 2024 EMEA NPN Highly Commended in the Industry Innovator category for its achievements in creating the first advanced speech-to-text translation from English to Luxembourgish, powered by NVIDIA GPUs.”
Gcore’s model was built on Whisper Small – the downsized version of the open-source Whisper model, containing 244 million weights. To meet this substantial demand for computing resources, Gcore used a high-end solution powered by the NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU.
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CCI Initiates Study on AI’s Influence on Competition, Efficiency, and Innovation




The Competition Commission of India (CCI) is gearing up to conduct a comprehensive study on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) on competition, efficiency, and innovation.
This initiative comes in response to the growing significance of AI across various sectors. With the aim of fostering innovation and fair competition, the CCI has announced plans to delve into the evolving landscape of AI and its application in Indian markets.
In a recent announcement, the CCI issued a request for proposal to engage an agency to conduct this market study. The study aims to provide insights into the emerging competition dynamics within AI ecosystems, along with assessing the implications of AI applications for competition, efficiency, and innovation across key user industries.
Key focus areas of the study include understanding the AI ecosystem, analyzing its applications in different industries, evaluating its impact on competition within sectors, and examining the regulatory frameworks governing AI development in India and other major jurisdictions.
Additionally, the study will explore strategies for fostering a competitive environment that encourages both incumbent AI developers and new innovators. It will also address measures for creating awareness among stakeholders regarding AI usage and its implications on competition, alongside ensuring compliance with necessary standards.
To facilitate this study, the selected agency will be tasked with collating existing research and data, as well as engaging with relevant stakeholders. The deadline for submission of bids is June 3, with the opening of financial bids scheduled for June 26.
This initiative underscores India’s commitment to understanding and harnessing the potential of AI while ensuring fair competition and promoting innovation. It aligns with the CCI’s broader efforts to address emerging challenges in the digital economy and safeguard competition in the market.
By conducting this study, the CCI aims to equip itself with valuable insights that will inform future regulatory decisions and strategies related to AI development and its impact on competition dynamics in India.
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