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SBT Alliance Talks Tech with Enterprise Viewpoint Magazine


Long Beach, CA, Oct. 26, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Enterprise Viewpoint (EV) Magazine recognizes SBT Alliance as a Top 20 IoT Solution Provider 2020 and sits with SBT Chief Strategy Officer Shane Acernese to talk tech and hear the company’s latest IoT perspectives.

As a fast-growing IoT systems and solution integration partner, SBT is honored to be ranked as a Top 20 IoT Solution Provider in Enterprise Viewpoint’s Special IoT Edition. In this issue, EV editors sit with Shane Acernese to uncover how SBT continually pushes the technology boundary to ensure small, medium, and Fortune 500 organizations are prepared to take advantage of a digitized future. When asked what SBT observes as the latest IoT trends in the space, SBT’s Shane Acernese shares his candid assessment on the state of IoT within the facility, building, and enterprise management space: 

As the convergence of the digital realm and physical world accelerates, we find ever-emerging use cases for advanced IoT Applications for facility management, operational efficiency, and, most recently, environmental safety.  


Big data and the process of gathering environmental data from building infrastructures has been a trend for at least the last decade or so. The next thing we see coming around the corner is the preemptive action that systems will begin to take on their own to address maintenance issues or even optimize operational efficiencies on the fly. This trend’s driving force will come from Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Systems will automatically compute situational developments and take real-time actions at the edge, implementing holistic or siloed system changes independent of human interaction.


The Internet of Things has only scratched the surface in lighting, building management, and operational efficiency. We see the digital trends of connected building infrastructures – albeit from multiple systems throughout a facility – increasing in the coming years. The opportunity that Smarter Building Technologies seeks to take advantage of is ensuring the effective, efficient, and pre-emptive support and maintenance of these various systems through a single platform.”    

The 2020 IoT Edition hits newsstands in November 2020. Be sure to grab a copy to hear more from SBT Alliance CSO Shane Acernese. Every year Enterprise Viewpoint recognizes business, entrepreneurs, and technology start-ups to “help businesses make informed decisions about how they can attain the maximum benefits from the IoT revolution.” Past recipients include:

  • Accenture, CEO Pierre Namterme
  • Armis, CEO Yevgeny Dibrov
  • Honeywell, CEO, Darius Adamczyk
  • Octopus Systems, CEO TalBar Or
  • Oracle, CEO, Safra A Catz
  • PTC, CEO, Nikolay Kurayev

About SBT Alliance: Smarter Building Technologies (SBT) Alliance is an IoT integration partner that guides small, medium, and Fortune 500 clients to a digital future built on the Internet of Things. SBT achieves this by engineering, deploying, and supporting the industry’s latest IoT technologies to create intelligent spaces and fund projects through our Smart Space as a Service (SSaaS) program. To learn more, visit us at SBT-Alliance.com


Chris Loeser
SBT Alliance


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