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Businesses Help Improve Visibility and Coach At-risk Drivers with Verizon Connect Integrated Video Driver-facing Dashcam


ATLANTA, Oct. 28, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — To help mobile businesses improve visibility and provide fleet managers with additional context leading up to harsh driving events, Verizon Connect has launched driver-facing dashcam, an extension of its Integrated Video for Reveal solution. The new driver-facing dashcam captures the in-cab driver perspective to help promote safety, mitigate risk and improve driver behavior.

The driver-facing dashcam provides a single, integrated platform inclusive of telematics, dual video and artificial intelligence (AI) enhanced with machine learning to help businesses improve driver behavior and better understand details of specific driving events.

Features include:

  • In-cab footage: See driver video in the Reveal event log alongside road-facing footage.
  • Platform integration: Quickly and easily access the full Integrated Video solution from the Reveal platform.
  • Video download: Download driver-facing footage as an .mp4 file to share with insurers and coach drivers.
  • Video-on-Demand: Request 40-second footage from road and driver-facing cameras to better defend against false claims.
  • Near real-time notifications: Receive notifications within minutes of harsh driving events on desktop and mobile devices.

“Fleet managers want context around the moments leading up to harsh driving events like harsh braking and hard cornering to help protect themselves against false claims and coach drivers accordingly,” said Erin Cave, director of product management at Verizon Connect. “With driver-facing dashcam, fleet managers have the next iteration in video dashcam solutions that help provide the additional context they need to make decisions that ultimately improve the bottomline – all from a single, integrated platform.”

For more information on how Integrated Video driver-facing dashcam can help promote safety, mitigate risk, and coach drivers, please visit www.verizonconnect.com.

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