Mind Your Brain Foundation Signs a Landmark Contract with Global Digital Agency DigiDrub


Philadelphia, PA, Aug. 25, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Mind Your Brain Foundation (MYBF), an organization that works to fill the gap in TBI post-acute/rehabilitation care has signed a strategic contract with global digital agency DigiDrub to create non-invasive VR modules for post-acute traumatic brain injury survivors.

Mind Your Brain Foundation signs a landmark contract with global digital agency DigiDrub

Speaking on this occasion, Candace Gantt, Executive Director, MYBF said, “Recent clinical research has shown patient training through immersive technologies like Virtual Reality (VR) has delivered encouraging outcomes. Our ecosystem of credible rehab centers, and doctors across the nation will test these modules for better patient outcomes. We are excited about the possibilities and the ability to improve millions of lives.”

She added, “We selected DigiDrub for their unmatched capabilities in the VR and AR space.”

Aninda Bose, Founder and Managing Partner of DigiDrub said, “We thank MYBF for the trust. Our team, and I are emotionally connected to this project, I will be personally involved in building these human-centered modules with MYBF experts, neurologists and therapists, and DigiDrub XR team. We have named this ambitious project, Gouri (pron: Go-u-ree)”.

Per US National Library of Medicine National Institutes of Health (PMC); The World Health Organization estimates that traumatic brain injury (TBI) is and will remain the most important cause of neuro-disability in the coming years. The search for neuroprotective therapies for severe TBI has been extensive but unfruitful over the last few decades, testified by more than 30 failed clinical trials, and we still have no specific neuroprotective therapy, that is, effective in clinical TBI.

Success Rehabilitation has partnered with MYBF and DigiDrub as a neurotherapeutic specialist for the project, collaborating on developing, administering, and researching the application of VR modules for post-acute traumatic brain injury survivors.

“Virtual reality provides an incredible opportunity to safely practice and hone real life skills that promote recovery after brain injury. Our hope is that VR will reduce barriers to treatment and make rehabilitation more accessible to all affected by brain injury.”

said Dr. Gillian Murray, of MossRehab the scientific advisor for the project.

A second advisor on the research, Dr. Doug Smith, Director of the Center for Brain Injury and Repair (CBIR) at University of Pennsylvania, agrees, “I believe that harnessing advanced VR techniques represents an important new tool for TBI rehabilitation. I wouldn’t be surprised if TBI survivors prefer it over some current approaches”.

About Mind Your Brain Foundation:

We are a national, nonprofit organization dedicated to improving the lives of all those affected by traumatic brain injury. In collaboration with TBI focused academic medical centers and regional hospitals we provide the basis for community based, patient-centric conferences and ongoing online support that provides education, advocacy, support, and research to enhance the quality of life for those affected by brain injury, including patients, survivors, families and caregivers

Website: www.mindyourbrainfoundation.org

About DigiDrub:

A multi-award winning global digital agency building human centered solutions for organizations to brand, and market better in the digital age. DigiDrub operates in the web, mobile applications; digital content creation, social media and marketing, and Enterprise grade AR, VR space. DigiDrub is an active user of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning platforms.

Website: www.digidrub.com

PR Contact:

Dr. Gillian Murray

43 Paoli Plaza #1127

Paoli, PA. 19312




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