Vantage Market Research – A Modern Digital Age Market Research Firm Pitches its Success in the Third Quarter of 2022


WASHINGTON, Nov. 04, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In the third quarter of 2022, Vantage Market Research had significant success in its pitches to potential clients. The firm’s innovative and cutting-edge research methods impressed clients, who were looking for insights into the latest trends in their industry. Vantage Market Research’s team of experienced researchers used a mix of online and offline tools to gather data from a wide variety of sources to cater to the client’s requirements. This has allowed the company to provide its clients with comprehensive and up-to-date reports on the latest trends affecting their industry. The firm’s success in the third quarter of 2022 is a testament to its commitment to providing its clients with the best possible market research.

Vantage Market Research’s Success in the Third Quarter of 2022

Vantage Market Research has had great success in the third quarter of 2022. The company has worked with clients in a variety of industries to provide them with insights and data that have helped them make better business decisions.

Some of the notable successes that Vantage Market Research has achieved in the third quarter of 2022 include:

  • Helped a Fortune 500 client in the retail industry understand how customers feel about their brand and what they want from their shopping experience. This information was used to make strategic decisions about the future of the business.
  • Assisted a unicorn tech company in evaluating a new product before it was launched onto the market. The feedback that was gathered helped the client make necessary changes to the product so that it would be more successful.
  • Worked with a food and beverage giant to help them understand consumer trends and preferences. This information was used to develop new products and marketing campaigns that the company was very successful in.

Vantage Market Research launched a new office in New York. The launch of the new office is just one of many successes this quarter. The company has also seen strong growth in its client base and revenue. The company is on track to have its best year ahead.

Vantage Market Research is proud of its accomplishments in the third quarter of 2022 and is looking forward to continued success in the future.

What sets Vantage Market Research apart from other Market Research Firms?

Vantage Market Research is a modern digital age market research firm that uses big data and artificial intelligence to help its clients make better decisions. The experienced and diverse team of analysts who are tech-driven and use tech-enabled research methodologies to cater to the clientele with almost all the research needs that lie under the sun.

1. Off-the-Shelf Research

As the premier provider of market research services, Vantage Market Research is proud to offer its clients a wide range of tech-enabled off-the-shelf research products. With its vast array of services, the company can provide its clients with the insights they need to make informed decisions about their businesses. Their services under off-the-shelf research include:

  • TAM Expansion
  • Industry Trends
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Market Dynamics & Disruptions
  • Segment Analysis
  • Detailed Company Profiling

Their off-the-shelf research products are tech-driven and are designed to provide their clients with the most up-to-date and comprehensive information available. The company offers a variety of reports, including industry analysis, competitive intelligence, and customer satisfaction surveys. Their team of experts continually update the company’s report repository to ensure that their clients have the most accurate and timely information available.

In addition to its extensive off-the-shelf research products, Vantage Market Research also offers custom research services. Their custom research services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the clients. Whether the client needs a one-time project or an ongoing partnership, the company can provide the custom research services that are necessary to get the insights the clients desire for.

2. Consulting & Advisory

At Vantage Market Research, the company doesn’t just provide data – the company also provides exhaustive insights and data intelligence services. The team of experienced consultants and advisors work with the customers to understand their unique business needs and objectives, and then provide tailored market research solutions that deliver the actionable insights that the client needs to make reformed decisions and drive meaningful outcomes. Vantage Market Research’s services under consulting and advisory include:

  • Growth Pipeline
  • Opportunity Assessment
  • Go-to-Market Strategies
  • Strategy Planning & Implementation
  • Monitoring & Optimisation

The company specializes in both qualitative and quantitative research methods, and its team has a deep understanding of the latest digital research tools and technologies. If the clients are looking for customer feedback, competitive intelligence, or anything else, the company can help.

3. Consumer Survey Analysis

Vantage Market Research offers full-service consumer survey analysis, from questionnaire design to online survey creation and administration through data collection, data cleaning, statistical analysis, and report delivery. Factor analysis, conjoint analysis, and market segmentation are just some of the methods we employ to study consumer sentiment and actions. The team also has expertise in more complex analyses, like latent class analysis and choice-based conjoint analysis.

4. Data Analysis

At Vantage Market Research, the company understands that data analysis is a critical component of any market research project. That is why the company is proud to offer its clientele a wide range of services that can help them make the most of their data.

The company’s team of experienced analysts can help its clients better understand their data needs and provide insights that will help the clients take better decisions about their businesses. The company offers a variety of data analysis services, including:

  • Public Data Intelligence
    • Data Gathering
    • Data Identification
    • Data Verification
    • Data Structuring
    • Data Visualization
  • Data Engineering
    • Predictive Analytics
    • Text Analytics
    • Sentiment Analytics
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI)/ Machine Learning (ML)

No matter what the client’s needs are, the company can customize a solution that will fit the client’s budget and help them achieve their set goals. Contact Vantage Market Research today to learn more about the data analysis services and how the company can help you take your business to the next level.

5. Technology Solutions

Vantage Market Research provides technology solutions that help businesses stay ahead of the competition. The company offers a wide range of services, including website design, development, and hosting along with a host of tech-enabled services.

Vantage Market Research has also announced the beta version of its BI Dashboard. The beta version will be made available to the company’s loyal clientele very soon.

How can Vantage Market Research help the Business?

As a business, corporates are always looking for ways to improve their products, services, and offerings. Vantage Market Research can help these corporates by providing insights into what the end consumers really want and need. Vantage Market Research uses the latest digital tools and techniques to gather data and feedback from the target market. Their reports are easy to understand and provide actionable steps that the corporates can take to improve their business.

In the third quarter of 2022, Vantage Market Research helped its clients in a variety of industries, including Retail, Healthcare, Technology, and Food & Beverage. The company conducted surveys, focus groups, interviews, and mystery shopping studies to help its clients get a better understanding of the consumers for a varied range of markets.


Vantage Market Research has had a successful third quarter in 2022, thanks to its cutting-edge market research methods. The firm has helped its clients to gain insights into the latest trends and consumer behavior, which has allowed the company to make better decisions about its products and services. Vantage Market Research has a high level of expertise, with years of experience and a strong team. The company has been successful in the third quarter of 2022, with several new clients and projects. Vantage Market Research is proud to have played a part in helping its clients achieve their goals, and the company looks forward to continuing its work with them in the future.

The company promises to continue to innovate and evolve its methods to ensure that it remains at the forefront of the market research industry.

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