ADA and Treasure Data Announce Strategic Partnership to Help Enterprises Enhance End-to-End Customer Experience



ADA, the largest independent analytics, data, and artificial intelligence (AI) business in the region, and Treasure Data, the leading global Customer Data Platform (CDP) company announced a strategic partnership to bring end-to-end enterprise customer-centric solutions to 10 markets across South and Southeast Asia, including South Korea. An industry-first move, this partnership will help enterprises enhance and personalize customer experience to improve the customer journey, communicate efficiently, and manage data gaps.

The customer journey is getting increasingly complex with customers now expecting deeper personalised content across multiple touchpoints. ADA and Treasure Data will provide strategic consultancy and create functional use cases with measurable return on investment. This includes setting up and deploying a CDP with a single customer view, supporting design and unifying data, activating platforms from media to mobile to web to CRO (conversion rate optimisation), and offering full technical support.

This partnership is made possible via the strategic investment by SoftBank Corp., bridging Treasure Data’s smart CDP capabilities and ADA’s analytics, data, and AI solutions with consumer models gleaned from 375 million consumer profiles on a monthly basis. Traditionally, solutions such as CDPs were exclusive to only larger enterprises, but with the joining of forces, this offering will empower SMEs to connect with their customers whilst scaling up their business.

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